Meet Dorothy!

Name: Dorothy

Breed: Lab

Likes: Any ball, any size, any time. Sniffing and giving kisses to our grandchildren – before and after chewing on their binkies. Gathering as many of her toys/stuffed animals she can find and lying on top of them when she senses another dog or child is in the vicinity. Lying on our slippers, preferably but not necessarily with a pair of feet inside them. Seeing how far she can extend a path of water drips moving away from her water bowl or the open toilet bowl. Picking up a stick and running full throttle with kindred spirit dogs in ever widening circles at our neighborhood soccer field and unofficial dog park. Thundering up and down the stairs in our home. Retrieving anything thrown in any body of water at any time. Lying in front of the fireplace when she is not lying in front of the front storm door looking out on the busy sidewalk and street.

I am seriously attached to my stuffed animals.

Dislikes: Putting on a harness that helps curb her enthusiasm on her leash. Honestly, that’s it!

About Dorothy: Dorothy was 10 months old when we got her in August 2009 from a breeder who had just determined she was not going to meet the AKC height standards for showing – our good fortune! We had lost our beloved Hile, a black lab, in December 2007 and Sasha, a rescue mix breed, in December 2008, both of whom had received loving care from Sit a Pet veterans Liz, Melinda, Arlene and Debbie. Dorothy had lived with eight other labs, including her mother, in the country in southern Virginia. She was accustomed to running in the woods with her friends and it took a couple of months to adjust to urban life, especially the noises.

Almost a year later, Dorothy is now our most adored and adoring companion. When our adult children, with children of their own, start to roll their eyes at our gushing about how darling she is or something sweet she just did, we know it’s time to put a lid on it for the time being!