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May 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Moby

Breed: Domestic Shorthair/Orange Tabby

Likes: Food, cuddles, boxes, knocking things off shelves/tables, faucets, fire trucks

Whatcha doin’? Can I help?

Dislikes: Closed doors because something interesting might be on the other side; also open doors which he will push shut and then be trapped behind a closed door (we now have doorstops everywhere).

About Moby: We adopted Moby (along with our other cat, Bellini) from the Humane Rescue […]

April 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Abigail

Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Gray Tabby

Likes: Fluff toys, sun, giving detailed instructions, salmon

And another thing!

Dislikes: The sound of the garbage disposal, being ambushed by her brother Bat, humans not following detailed instructions

About Abigail: Abigail and her brother Bat were adopted in 2007 from a neighborhood litter of kittens. Her foster mother labeled her “funny” at the time, which we quickly came to understand. Equal parts […]

March 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Kittisue, the “Caribbean Princess”

Breed: Mixed maybe with some Siamese?

Likes: Two squares and undisturbed sleep, her red heart toy, cuddling with day’s dirty socks and nosing around her big brother Argan. She is a big talker and loves modeling as spokescat encouraging donations to her heroes at the St. John Animal Care Center (SJACC)

Read all about me in my book! Oh, and I love my […]

February 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Minerva

Breed: Medium hair black cat

Likes: Eating, sleeping, being the center of attention, chasing string, staring at humans.

Hey, is that my feather toy over there?

Dislikes: Nothing much; maybe vacuum cleaner

About Minerva: We got our previous cat Molly when she was four. She had been on the street and was a real fighter and we loved her for it. Minerva, now eight, was seven when she came […]

January 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Mr. Muffins and Gunter

Breed: Guinea pigs

Likes: Mr. Muffins (Brown and white) loves carrots more than any other snack, maybe except for a grape here and there. Gunter (albino) on the other hand is not picky at all. Somehow the food that Mr. Muffins is eating always seems to be better than the food that is still in the bowl! For play time they both like to run […]

December 2018 Pet of the Month

Name: Zippy

Breed: Green Rump Parrotlet

Likes: Sailing, Hanging out with Captain and First Mate, Head scratches, Being in charge

Dislikes: Not being in charge, Not being in the middle of all activity

As Zippy likes to say “Zippeee is a pretty good boy”

About Zippy: Big things sometimes come in small packages! Despite his small size (4 1/2” and 20 grams), he has an outsized personality that he uses […]

November 2018 Pet of the Month

Name: Gobble

Breed: Calico Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Gobble loves rolling treats. If you toss them across the room, she’ll be lightning fast, slide across the hardwood floor and use one paw to snatch the treat and bring it to her mouth. She watches the world from her seat by the window catching some rays or having interesting thoughts about the birds, squirrels or chipmunks on her lawn. […]

October 2018 Pet of the Month

Name: Gary “B.B.”

Breed: Pug

Likes: Relaxing thisclose to his people, the Black Keys, Alaskan salmon oil

Dislikes: exercise, solitude

I could eat.

About B.B.: Here is a 14-year-old Pug with the physique and speed of a Manatee and a powerful devotion to his people. He is also bonded to Squanto, a Maine Coon who dwarfs him and knows how to pry open the treat jar with […]

September 2018 Pet of the Month

Name: Steve Whitaker

Breed: Well, a mix of tabby and Siamese

Likes: ATTENTION and things he should not eat

Dislikes: LACK OF ATTENTION and most males of any species

Do you know who I AM?

About Steve:  We adopted Steve at age seven through Four Paws — the source of our previous kitties, Peter and Floor.  He is a beautiful cat who loves to […]

August 2018 Pet of the Month

Meet Bella!

Name: Bella

Breed: Short Haired Orange Tabby

Likes: Laser pens, spying on neighbors from the windows, pets, songs, cardboard boxes, and hanging anywhere with my mom.

Dislikes: Going to the vet, loud noises, storms.

I’m cute and I know it!

About Bella: Bella was adopted about 6 years ago from Homeward Trails, right before a hurricane, along with her brothers Bay and Hunter.  She was a spunky 8-month old kitten and settled […]