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September 2023 Pet of the Month

Name: Dexter

Breed: Female Lionhead Rabbit

Likes: Getting brushed, Halloween pumpkins, sleeping all day in our office, West Virginia, spending time with Lorraine from Sit-A-Pet.

I am a diva!

Dislikes: Our second home in DC (but she’s starting to change her mind), getting picked up, sitting on the sofa (except when she wants to), other rabbits.

About Dexter: Dexter came to us on a cold winter day […]

August 2023 Pet of the Month

Name: Charlie

Breed: Orange Tabby

Likes: String! Food/Treats! Butter! Chasing his “shrimpy” and “rainbow snake”! Napping on top of, or attached in some way to his dad. Charlie also said to be sure to include Maru, his Sit A Pet sitter, on this list because she gives him lots of attention, and she lets him hug her!

Pick me up! I love you!

Dislikes: When his […]

July 2023 Pet of the Month

Name: Gus

Breed: Domestic shorthair, tabby plus something else???

Likes: Being petted, nonstop purring, investigating cups and glasses, the lap of whoever is sitting down, curling up beside Crystal and patting her face when she tries to sleep, and anyone from Sit-A-Pet (especially Arlene)

Could you please move your book or iPad so I can take over your lap and be petted?

Dislikes: Nothing, except don’t […]

June 2023 Pet of the Month

Name: Tiffer

Breed: Rescue found with her mom, shelter thinks her dad is a Maine Coon

Likes: Tuna, belly rubs, drinking water out of glasses on the kitchen table, being brushed, clean laundry, and her Sit-A-Pet friends

Pet me! Hi, I’m over here please pet me! I’m waiting for pets!

Dislikes: Being ignored and the house cleaners

About Tiffer: Tiffer was a foster failure that we welcomed […]

May 2023 Pet of the Month

Name: Audrey (a.k.a. Papa’s show kitty)

Breed: Domestic short-hair

Likes: toy mice of a particular variety, the laser pointer on the stairs only, wide windowsills in the sun, heater vents, snuggles with her sister Sophie, and alerting the authorities when it’s time for treats.

Is someone eating??

Dislikes: aggressive snuggles with her brother Charlie, being picked up and/or contained in any way, loud noises, and most […]

April 2023 Pet of the Month

Name: Peaches (a.k.a. “The Floof”)

Breed: Cream-colored domestic medium-hair

Likes: Morning snuggles, all the toys (mice, wand, sponge ball, bottle cap, loosely tied shoelaces in a pinch), bird and people watching, napping in the curtains or mom’s lap, “meerkating,” treats (more of a love affair, really), giving kisses, and of course her favorite sitter, Claire (i.e., “Miss Churu,” the highest feline honor!)

I totally meant […]

March 2023 Pet of the Month

Name: Bailey Burke Browne, aka “Bailey Boo”

Breed: Domestic Short Hair Tortie

Likes: Treats, Peacock Feather Sticks, and the Heating Pad

Give me treats, now!

Dislikes: People she doesn’t know in the house, being in her carrier, and having her belly rubbed

About Bailey: Bailey came to us from Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) in 2016. She joined another FOHA adoptee, Jackson. They were not fast friends, […]

February 2023 Pet of the Month

Name: Jeeves

Breed: Domestic short hair (gray and white)

Likes: Sitting on the lap (he’s so eager for lap time that he angles for a spot before his humans can even sit down themselves and create the lap!); Churu lickable cat treats.

What can I say–I hit the jackpot!

Dislikes: Being held (but see: champion lap cat, above); going to the vet, because been there, done […]

January 2023 Pet of the Month

Name: Esme

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Pipe cleaners, wormie toys, mousie toys, spinny toys, laser toys, birdie toys, all the toys, chin scritchies, sunbeams, zoomies, heated beds, ear rubs, being fed on time, being an alarm clock on weekends, ruling her world


Dislikes: Treats, catnip, being called a fuzzy baby, being an alarm clock during the week

About Esme: Emse is 8 years old and […]

December 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: Pete

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Although he is getting on in years, Pete, aged 13, remains active at home with a wide array of hobbies and interests. These include, but are not limited to, trying to set the Guinness World Record for the longest nap, 3 AM calisthenics, birdwatching, and curating his collection of approximately 2,583 toys. In addition, he owns and operates a […]

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