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December 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Chou-chou!

Name: Chou-chou (pronounced “shoe-shoe”)

Breed: Virginia Farm Tabby

Likes: Tearing across the room and bouncing off the walls and sofas while letting out little squeaks (she is too dainty to meow), eating chicken baby food and fig leaves, being a lap cat.

I wish you lots of fun with your pets during the holidays and a prosperous, chock-full-o’-pets New Year! Squeak!

Dislikes: Can’t think of […]

November 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Dipper!

Name: Dipper

Breed: Rat, or if you want to be fancy about it, Rattus norvegicus (Norwegian rat)

Likes: Dipper loves any kind of food especially yogurt drops as well as stealing food from his cage mates, stashing food, begging for food, oh and back scratches too! He loves to give kisses and to snuggle up with me. He’s so squishy and loveable.

I’m a […]

October 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Pasha!

Name: Pasha (Egyptian for ‘Princess who likes the company of food’)

Breed: Cocker/Lab mix

Likes: Being next to those who love me, treats, speaking, the door bell, being the center of attention in my red dress at the Bark Ball, sniffing around Logan Circle, “spooning” with my Daddy right before I fall asleep, knowing what is going on at all times, playing chase with Stephen, […]

September 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Cassie!

Name: Cassie (short for “Cassiopia”, which sounds a little Greek)

Breed: Domestic Shorthaired Calico

Likes: Belly rubs, chasing reflections, chasing a laser beam, trying to open the food dish before the timer opens it, watching the “Feathers for Felines” video, sitting in “mom’s” lap, running under the covers when you’re trying to make the bed, sleeping, looking sweet, and “talking”. (Her pet sitter says it’s […]

August 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Simba!

Name: Simba

Breed: Iguana

Likes: Fresh greens from the Arlington Farmer’s Market and edible flowers. He loves a good spine and neck massage.

Proper skin care is essential in the summer!

Dislikes: Pet stores that sell iguanas and when people call him Kimba. He also HATES when the temperature drops below 70 degrees.

About Simba: Simba is a rescue iguana, first purchased from a pet store […]

July 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Paco!

Name: Paco

Breed: Puma (His very own breed developed by his very own vet, Dr. John Meyer at the Marymount Animal Hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland)

Likes: Hopping onto the window seat for a long BRUSH session! He also likes jumping into the bathtub and knocking everything off the tub’s corners. (he has six toes, so it’s EASY!) Bang! And knocking my drinking glass off […]

June 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Abby!

Name: Abby

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Likes: Getting brushed!!!! She drools in ecstacy. She also likes playing with her string and chewing on hands. And, of course, she loves her daddy.

I’m just wild about Harry!

Dislikes: Other cats, getting her nails clipped, and having to wait to get brushed while her dinner is being prepared and her box scooped. Priorities!!

About Abby: She likes having her […]

May 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Ginger!

Name: Ginger, “The Ginge”

Breed: Teddy Bear Hamster

Likes: Running on her wheel, eating strawberry bites, cruising through the house in her ball, and cuddling with most of her family.

Where is my Vitadrop?

Dislikes: When Mallory wakes her up.

About Ginger: Ginger can be quite a trip when she is cruising along in her ball. She is a very entertaining hamster and always keeps me […]

April 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Jacen!

Name: Jacen, Solo Twin of the Jedi (named after the male half of the Jedi twins in the Star Wars novels; son of Han Solo and Princess Leia)

Breed: Maine Coon

Likes: Attention and lots of it. An active and friendly sort, Jacen likes everything from sitting on a lap to rigorously chasing his toys around. When he plays by himself, he will flip his […]

March 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Molly!

Name: Molly

Breed: Soft Haired Wheaton Terrier (a.k.a. Wheaton Sled Dog!)

Likes: Juggling two balls at once, with one in her mouth and the other one being nudged along. This gets complicated when she tries to maneuver her two balls up and down stairs. She also likes riding through the countryside with the top down on the convertible. Since she LOVES snow, this has been […]

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