2004 Pets of the Month

December 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Buzz!

Name: Buzz

Breed: Ocicat

Likes: Sweets, especially cake and cookies; bringing his jingly toy into Karen’s bed at 3am; being scratched under the chin; curling up in the bathroom sink.

Santa, please bring me a bunk bed!

Dislikes: Taking a pill.

About Buzz: 17-month-old Buzz is a thoroughly sweet and gentle soul – a fact that his devilish half-sister, Gidget, takes advantage of at every opportunity. […]

November 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Shadow!

Name: Shadow

Breed: German Shepherd

Likes: Morning walks, wrestling on the floor with our oldest son Scott, playing in the snow, sitting in the backyard in the Fall. Any kind of pork, eating Chipper’s food, barking at other dogs.

Scott’s My Buddy

Dislikes: Sharing Scott’s attention, the dog next door behind the fence, going to the vet and now that he is 12 years old, […]

October 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Jasper!

Name: Jasper (aka “Jazz”, “Pumpkin Pie”, “Pie-Pie”)

Breed: Domestic Short Hair (Miniature Black Panther)

Likes: Treats!, playing with toy mice, eating catnip, getting groomed by my adopted brother Milo, having my back rubbed, sitting by the open windows.

Let’s go scare some dogs!

Dislikes: Duke (the Great Dane) sniffing me too much, having my beautiful talons clipped, being in a cat carrier, not getting treats […]

September 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Widget!

Name: Widget (aka Widgie Dogger, the Widgemeister, Widgereeno)

Breed: My breed is a closely held secret because I’m so unique and exotic. Well, actually, nobody really knows! Probably Chihuahua and Pug and Schauzer, with a few others mixed in. I’m a one-of-a-kind dog!

Likes: Sitting in front of the TV and staring back at anyone watching it, snoozing under the bed, biscuit treats, belly rubs, […]

August 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Eartha Kitty!

Name: Eartha Kitty

Breed: Tortoise Shell

Likes: Food, especially nightly treats; watching birds, squirrels and our tiny garden mouse through the sliding door; being up high, especially on the kitchen island; sleeping on the dryer when it’s running; sleeping at the foot of the bed; having my belly, back and neck rubbed; darting in front of my two dads; chasing Smithers, my rambunctious (icky!) […]

July 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Lizzie!

Name: Lizzie (A.K.A. “The Quilted Lizard”, “Khuzzer”, “Two Ton Lizzie”, “The animal vacuum cleaner”, “Lizzie Pumpkin”, “Lizzie Poo”)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Likes: Waffles with syrup and peanut butter, poptarts, cupcakes, scrambled eggs, chocolate chip cookies. I like to try and work it off by running with my Mom and swimming in an especially scummy algae covered pond. Chasing wild geese is also a lot of […]

June 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Bacci!

Name: Official-“Bacchus”; Diminutive-“Bacci”; Unofficial-“FaFa” (short for Fafalito)

Breed: Siamese (with a dash of spice)

Likes: Telling people to get out of his house. Rough-housing. Waking people up as soon as the sun comes up. Sleeping on your newly pressed clothes. Licking leather shoes. Going into the shower as soon as the water has been turned off. Chewing plastic bags. Biting your nose, chin or whatever […]

May 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Max!

Name: Max

Breed: Russian Tortoise (Testudo horsfieldi)

Likes: Digging in his soil, basking under his mock sun lamp, taking long baths, and hiding anywhere he can fit! He loves to eat dandelion, romaine, most types of lettuce, and cactus fruit. He occasionally gets strawberries and crushed apples as a sweet treat. And he loves listening to music on the radio.

Catch me if you […]

April 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet BowWowzer!

Name: BowWowzer, a.k.a. Bowzer

Breed: Mom was a Doberman/ Father was a Rover

Likes: Running in the woods and down to the river, going for rides, being the watch dog while hanging out on the porch, baking himself while lying next to the wood stove, and letting all the other dogs know that he’s the boss right away (because in his own house he comes […]

March 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Molson!

Name: Molson

Breed: Golden Retriever/Collie/Shepherd?

Likes: Trail walking with her sister and best friend, LaBatts, dining al fresco, frolicking in the snow, relaxing in front of the fire, howling at sirens, and strolling in the moonlight with neighbor, Bert (the stud muffin dog on the block).

With a name like Molson, you know I’m looking forward to St. Patty’s Day!

Dislikes: Those aches and pains […]

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