Name: Luna

Breed: Queen of the Castle

Likes: Supervising the household, belly rubs, bouncy balls, watching sports with Dad, getting brushed, greeting people at the door.

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” -The Devil Wears Prada

Dislikes: Vacuums, her rowdy sister, mom sleeping in.

About Luna: Looking at her now, it’s hard to believe that the regal Queen Luna once lived on the streets of DC for two years. But after she was adopted from Humane Rescue Alliance in 2016, she never looked back. Luna quickly grew from a lanky and nervous kitty to a majestic, fluffy diva, ruling her home with a benevolent but stern disposition. The only time she lets her guard down is for belly rubs from her favorite humans. Luna is the matriarch of the feline family at our house, and she works hard to keep everyone in line. Luna’s little sister, Zucca (creamsicle tabby), likes to stalk her and play chase, which is undignified for a cat of Luna’s stature. And Luna’s outdoor brother, Pepe (tuxedo), still needs to be taught the niceties of indoor living. Luna loves telling her favorite pet-sitter, Nanette, about her troubles with the rambunctious crew, while Nanette gives her a much-appreciated brushing.