2019 Pets of the Month

December 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Comma

Breed: Domestic medium-hair tabby? Unsure

Likes: Sprinting around outside. Using tree trunks as scratching posts. Sleeping for hours in piles of leaves

The world is full of wonders! Come, let me show you.

Dislikes: His food bowl getting low on cat chow, being left alone too long, having his ears cleaned

About Comma: His family adopted him five years ago from the Baltimore SPCA. They chose him because […]

November 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Satchmo, AKA Satch, Sassmo, and “The.Best.One”

Breed: Debonair Jaguar.  Or Polydactyl Tuxedo Cat.  Depends on who you ask–Satchmo or his humans.

MA!!!! The bowl!!! It’s emptyyyyy!!! It’s not gonna fill itself, ya know….

Likes: Drinking from a dripping bathtub faucet is a big favorite.  He likes being around his people–he’s like a dog, the way he hangs out with us.  He likes to have an audience when he […]

October 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Chester

Breed: Cheetah (aka grey mackerel tabby)

Likes: Bonito flakes!! “Dry brush” after breakfast; treats anytime; paw massages; my moms; tabby tussling with my sister Armstrong; exploring the hallway of my building.

Bonito flakes make ANYTHING taste good!

Dislikes: The cat carrier (which normally means the Vet!); the Dyson vacuum (very scary); being disrupted when I’m lounging or resting; when my mom goes out of town (but I […]

September 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Mabel

Breed: Domestic Long Hair Fuzzball

Likes: Spooning with mom; lap naps; grooming myself likes it’s my job; wrestling loudly with Oskar (kitty roommate) to get mom’s attention so she’ll FEED US

Don’t worry. Be nap-py. <<yawn>>

Dislikes: Oskar (he’s a stinky, clumsy boy!); human paws where I’ve just groomed (ahem); being moved out of mom’s bed

About Mabel: Mom had just lost her dear old tomcat Handsome and […]

August 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Aubrey & Percy

Breed: Burmese

Likes: Dried salmon, leaping off the top of tall furniture, running on the treadmill, racing from one end of the house to the other.

How could you not expect me to jump on that glass shelf; it was just hanging there.  Oops!

Dislikes: Anything or anyone that thwarts their desires. Lamps and vases that get in the way.

About Aubrey & Percy: The boys were born in […]

July 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Zeus

Breed: Domestic shorthair/Russian blue?

Likes: Attention, screened-in back porch, fetching rubber toy, trying to escape house via front door, us, Max, Sam somewhat less so, Lindsay from Sit-a-Pet, the cat tree, chewing bare feet (particularly our daughter’s), sleeping in the linen closet, something to do

Isn’t there an engineering school that accepts cats?

Dislikes: Lack of attention, being confined against his will, being bored

About Zeus: We adopted Zeus […]

June 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Orion

Breed: Domestic short hair, orange and white

Likes: Lounging on the screen porch, a good scritchin’ behind his ears, being talked to, smelling and rubbing up against really stinky shoes, catnip toys

It’s all good.

Dislikes: Wearing a sweater, riding in the car, when his brothers Marty and Channing encroach on his personal space

About Orion: My husband and I adopted Orion from Caring for Creatures (CFC), a sanctuary […]

May 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Moby

Breed: Domestic Shorthair/Orange Tabby

Likes: Food, cuddles, boxes, knocking things off shelves/tables, faucets, fire trucks

Whatcha doin’? Can I help?

Dislikes: Closed doors because something interesting might be on the other side; also open doors which he will push shut and then be trapped behind a closed door (we now have doorstops everywhere).

About Moby: We adopted Moby (along with our other cat, Bellini) from the Humane Rescue […]

April 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Abigail

Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Gray Tabby

Likes: Fluff toys, sun, giving detailed instructions, salmon

And another thing!

Dislikes: The sound of the garbage disposal, being ambushed by her brother Bat, humans not following detailed instructions

About Abigail: Abigail and her brother Bat were adopted in 2007 from a neighborhood litter of kittens. Her foster mother labeled her “funny” at the time, which we quickly came to understand. Equal parts […]

March 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Kittisue, the “Caribbean Princess”

Breed: Mixed maybe with some Siamese?

Likes: Two squares and undisturbed sleep, her red heart toy, cuddling with day’s dirty socks and nosing around her big brother Argan. She is a big talker and loves modeling as spokescat encouraging donations to her heroes at the St. John Animal Care Center (SJACC)

Read all about me in my book! Oh, and I love my […]
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