2013 Pets of the Month

December 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Slate!

Name: Slate

Breed: Gray domestic shorthair

Likes: Certain warm laps, crickets, boxes, bird watching, and things to chase.

Life is good when the humans behave.

Dislikes: Loud noises, sudden movements (unless they’re hers), and being told what to do, especially if it involves a carrier.

About Slate: Slate selected us over 4 years ago when we visited Last Chance Animal Rescue, months after the death of […]

November 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Smoky!

Name: Smoky

Breed: Maine Coon mix

Likes: Boxes, squirrel-watching on the porch, talking, getting pats and snuggles.

I haven’t found a box I don’t like!

Dislikes: Being separated from “her people,” having to come in from the porch.

About Smoky: We weren’t planning to get another cat so soon after our previous cat passed away, but we were at a party and my friend Penny said, […]

October 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Oliver!

Name: Oliver

Breed: American Eskimo

Likes: Baby carrots, ice cubes, tummy rubs, and cuddles.

Pet me, pet me, pet me….yay,

Dislikes: Getting his paws wet.

About Oliver: Our meeting with Oliver was completely by chance. After searching for months to find a dog that was a good fit for our family, we went to the shelter again to only find small horse sized dogs. […]

September 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Zoe!

Name: Zoe

Breed: Domestic short hair

Likes: Getting her way; cuddling up to people she likes (on her terms, of course); monitoring everyone’s movements inside her home; tunnels; and chicken (especially KFC).

I’m a cat. I can be as contrary as I choose.

Dislikes: People who do not respect her personal space and boundaries; grandparents; and not having the run of the house.

About Zoe: When […]

August 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Sasha!

Name: Sasha

Breed: Domestic short hair

Likes: Lip rubs. People tuna. Hearing her name. Getting up early. Being close – but not too close – to where ever the action is at home. Watching birds out the window. Defending the house against outside cats.

Did you hear that?

Dislikes: Thunder. Trucks. Ceiling fans. Being picked up. Humans, other than family members and Sit-A-Pet friends. Surprises. […]

July 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Stella!

Name: Stella

Breed: Orange Tabby

Likes: Food. And did I say food? She likes to tease her big sister and knock small objects off countertops. She likes to lie on her back and let me pet her under her arms.

I may be built like a fireplug, but I move fast as a cannonball.

Dislikes: Having her claws clipped. Dislikes jumping onto high landing places.

About […]

June 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Troubled!

Name: Troubled (a/k/a Chubbled)

Breed: Orange Tabby

Likes: Sucking his fluffy blanket and kneading it; hiding under the dining room table while someone walks in circles dragging a string around the table for him to pounce on; drinking water from a teacup; Frisky treats (Original flavor); running out into the hallway of the apartment building.

I went from rags to riches, and I ain’t […]

May 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Moo!

Name: Moo

Breed: American Tuxedo Shorthair (although her fur is long and silky)

Likes: Fresh roast turkey, sitting in an open window and smacking wine corks (they are the best toy EVER!).

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners and manicures.

About Moo: Moo was a 4 month old baby when she ran up to the man who would become her dad as he […]

April 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Norman!

Name: Norman

Breed: Tuxedo

Likes: Leaning on Mom, laying on Mom, anything ON Mom especially while watching TV; displaying my tummy across the carpet in front of the door when Mom comes home so she cannot pass without a mandatory belly rub first; pathetically reaching up like a 2-year-old to be held over the left shoulder (because for some reason the right shoulder is very […]

March 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Zuzu!

Name: Zuzu

Breed: Blue Burmese

Likes: Attention, having her back scratched (purr), salmon and tuna cat food, climbing the clothes in the closet like a rock face to reach the topmost shelf, freeze-dried tuna flakes treats, running after and pouncing on a 3′ long piece of clothesline (her favorite toy), having her claws clipped (purr), sleeping on the pillow right next to your head so […]

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