December 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Ginger Bunny!

Name: Ginger Bunny

Breed: Dwarf Harlequin (blonde with white and dark grey markings)

Likes: Oats, cilantro, oats, carrots, oats, petting, oats, power napping, and oats.

Anything on the floor is fair game for bunnies!

Dislikes: When mom and dad are both moving around the room at the same time (usually means they are going away), not being fed fast enough, not enough petting, being […]

November 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Hester!

Name: Hester

Breed: Himalayan

Likes: Playing with his Chinese yo-yo, sneaking into empty grocery bags, jumping onto my shoulder for a panorama view of the room, and curling up in the bathroom sink to watch me get ready in the morning.

Pay attention to me now!

Dislikes: Loud noises like trucks driving by or my alarm clock, being outside (tall grass is scary stuff!), or […]

October 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Felix!

Name: Felix

Breed: Feral Tabby

Likes: Living securely indoors; dining on a regular basis in a climate controlled environment; sleeping on a human chest.

Hunting and foraging is way overrated

Dislikes: Ceiling fans (“They remind me of predators circling above me”); Doors opening to the outside (“Life on the inside is great…don’t make me go out and hunt for my own food again!”); Grumpy older […]

September 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Anoush!

Name: Anoush (which means “sweet” or “sugar” in Armenian)

Breed: Feral Armenian short hair – if such a breed exists.

Likes: Being very close to people, especially her human mom and dad. Eating freshly cut tomatoes and Russian canned salmon with tomato sauce. Sleeping on top of the convertible’s rag-top. Playing with rolled-up socks.

I am human – hear me roar.

Dislikes: Her kitten-son, Avik […]

August 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Simon!

Name: Simon

Breed: Netherland Dwarf; Sable (Color)

Likes: Running around the apartment; sleeping under the dining room table; chewing paper, books (he has his own now), the couch, art work, everything else within reach; being petted, cuddling and nuzzling under my chin; nesting in his hay; and his Sit-A-Pet sitter, Evelyn. And Simon will do anything for an organic banana chip!

You don’t need […]

July 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Nick!

Name: Nick (one-half of the dynamic brother/sister act of Nick and Nora)

Breed: Just a big, fat, happy, handsome tabby

Likes: Fine dining, including virtually anything edible, especially asparagus, tomatoes, yogurt, and anything with salad dressing; bird and squirrel-watching from his window seat; observing all bathroom activities; sitting on the sink to have his face washed; playing with water; tormenting Nora; stealing her food; doing […]

June 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Tina Turner!

Name: Tina Turner

Breed: Some say I’m a Rat Terrier, but I consider myself a star!

Likes: Well, I don’t like to brag but my friends at Lincoln Park, Eastern Market and of course, Congressional Cemetery, don’t know I own a home at the beach. When I am there I love to run on the sand, chase my ball into the ocean, and yes, […]

May 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Miw!

Name: Miw (aka Miwster)

Breed: Part domestic shorthair, part Siamese

Likes: Being recognized as the regal ruler of the household; sleeping in front of the heating vent; sleeping anywhere; eating treats like shrimp; eating generally; scratching pads of all sizes and shapes; drinking out of the bathtub faucet; affection from her favorite people (including Tammy and Kate from Sit-A-Pet); shedding, especially on anyone wearing black.

April 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Maximus!

Name: Maximus (AKA Max or Moose)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Likes: Sleeping on the air conditioner vents; riding in the car; mud puddles; walks; chasing balls and squirrels; swimming; belly rubs; humans of any size; food items of any kind; sleeping on his back on the couch with four paws in the air; having his ears rubbed; chewing sticks; writing his new novel.

What’s our […]

March 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Popugai!

Name: Popugai – “Pupi” for short

Breed: Rainbow Lori

Likes: Playing, flying, walking, taking, imitating every sound, getting his head scratched, lying on his back and having his belly rubbed.

Pupi is a pretty bird!

Dislikes: Pupi has the best attitude – everything makes him happy. He might be a bit frightened to get in a small carrying case to go to a vet, but […]

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