December 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Bella & CoCo!

Name: Bella (black & white) & CoCo (tortoiseshell)

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Lounging in warm sunny windows, sitting in piles of blankets right out of the dryer, sitting in any box our mother brings home, tummy rubs, chin scratches and, most of all, snuggles with our human mother. We also love & appreciate all the great care & attention we get from […]

November 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Buster!

Name: Buster Kullberg

Breed: Orange Tabby

Likes: Looking handsome. Drinking water from your glass, guests’ glasses, the bathtub, the Christmas tree, and the toilet. Nibbling people’s noses. Asking for more food at 4am even though his bowl is full. Eating the wall to wall carpeting. Eating his compounded Prozac tuna treats to stop him from eating the wall to wall carpeting. Getting his cheeks brushed. […]

October 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Bella!

Name: Bella

Breed: Tabby/American Shorthair

Likes: Cramming herself into everything: boxes, bags, visitor’s purses. Sliding across duvet covers and clean sheets. Singing the song of her people all night long while we are trying to sleep.

I’m so pleased with the new addition to my staff!” (when she met her new favorite pet sitter, James)

Dislikes: Moving from the rug right in the middle of […]

September 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Gracie!

Name: Gracie

Breed: American Medium Hair

Likes: Gracie likes the simple things in life, like playing with her toy mice, receiving a good brushing, sleeping away the day, chatting for attention, and mildly annoying her human companion by swatting at her nose at dawn and drinking from her water glass.

I meow therefore I am.

Dislikes: Gracie dislikes the vacuum cleaner, a ringing telephone, and […]

August 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Minnie!

Name: Minnie

Breed: Redbone Coonhound mix (rescue pup)

Likes: Lots and lots of walks! Minnie also likes a good chewbone and any squeaky toy that she can use to get attention. Minnie loves to visit her grandmother in PA who lives in a big house on 17 acres with plenty of room to run and chase deer! She also loves a warm, soft bed and […]

July 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Cody!

Name: Cody

Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Buff-colored tabby cat

Likes: Watching what’s going on outside from the kitchen window (the rabbits, chipmunks, birds, neighbors, dogs), playing on the stairs and the railings, playing with shadows in sunshine, hiding and surprising his Mom and making her squeal, checking out visitors, following his Mom around the house, leading Melinda around the house to make sure things are […]

June 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Cherubino!

Name: Cherubino

Breed: Grey tabby

Likes: Being brushed, sunning myself, being brushed some more, snuggling on My Human’s chest, my pet sitters Noni and Pilar who understand the importance of brushing, sprawling across MY Human’s forearms while she plays on the computer, brushing NOW!, not eating today whatever food I liked yesterday, brushing, brushing, brushing.

Sit-A-Pet Pet of the Month? That’s the best you […]

May 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Princess!

Name: Princess

Breed: Domestic Short hair

Likes: Treats! She also likes Da Bird, treat balls (they have treats inside!), and her “cow mouse”. She also likes night time cuddles.

I am happy I no longer live on the streets. I wish all kitties were that lucky.

Dislikes: Being picked up, children and other cats.

About Princess: Princess came into my life as a foster cat. She […]

April 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Louie!

Name: Louie Mims

Breed: Dwarf Hotot

Likes: Carrots, radicchio and classical music

Thank you for giving me a peaceful home with a clean cage, lots of playtime, organic salads and treats!

Dislikes: Petting and being held

About Louie: Louie is an independent little fellow who loves to hop around and jump as high as he can. He shows affection by bumping me with his nose when […]

March 2016 Pet of the Month

Meet Callie and Oliver!

Name: Callie, Oliver

Breed: Domestic shorthair—gray calico, orange tabby

Likes: Our laser pointer toy, midnight obstacle races across the bedroom, scratches behind the ears, wrestling with each other.

Even though we like to wrestle, we like to cuddle together too!

Dislikes: People who sleep late when it is time to feed the cats.

About Callie and Oliver: Callie and Oliver are 18 month old […]

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