2014 Pets of the Month

December 2014 Pet of the Month

Meet Mario!

Name: Mario Markarian

Breed: Shelter special/grey tabby

Likes: Treats, neck rubs, munching grass in the yard on Mom-supervised visits to the great outdoors.

We need another cat in the White House. It’s all gone downhill since Socks Clinton left. Hrmph!

Dislikes: Everyone except his mom

About Mario: Mario is an alum from the Arlington Animal Welfare League. I adopted him in July 1994 when he was […]

November 2014 Pet of the Month

Meet Roarie!

Name: Roarie

Breed: Gray Tabby

Likes: Sleeping on the job (as pictured); playing “Da Bird” and fetch; hunting for mice in the apartment; feeling the wind in my fur; drinking from neglected water glasses; removing those water glasses from counters and tabletops; snuggling in the afternoon and night (also stealing pillows); watching squirrels through the window; laying in the sun on lazy weekends; visits from […]

October 2014 Pet of the Month

Meet Hal!

Name: Hal

Breed: Domestic Short Hair – Orange Tabby

Likes: Hide-and-seek, boxes, car rides, sassing wildlife from the safety of window sills, hunting bugs, supervising, waking up humans in the middle of the night, getting brushed, head bumps, kisses, naps, food.

Why yes, thank you, I WOULD love to help you eat your chicken.

Dislikes: Going to the vet, sleeping through the night, vacuum cleaners.

About […]

September 2014 Pet of the Month

Meet Calvin!

Name: Calvin

Breed: Tufted-toed silver tabby aka long hair silver tabby

Likes: Attention. And a lot of it. Morning constitutionals to get the paper and roll around in the driveway to get a belly rub. He is particularly fond of Friday morning conference calls and coffee on the patio and has been known to chime in loudly ensuring all on the phone can hear him. […]

August 2014 Pet of the Month

Meet Dobby!

Name: Dobby

Breed: Netherland Dwarf

Likes: Tunnels, Willow leaves, tunnels, head rubs, tunnels… did I mention tunnels?

I don’t want to go to bed and you can’t make me!

Dislikes: Being picked up (he’s a prey animal after all!), nail clipping, bedtime.

About Dobby: Dobby is an adorable 4 year old with a lot of personality. He can sit next to you for quite some time […]

July 2014 Pet of the Month

Meet Patches!

Name: Patches

Breed: American Shorthair (Calico)

Likes: To sass, feathers, straws, and sunbathing.

And you didn’t believe them when they said calicos were sassy!

Dislikes: Being alone, getting wet, and excessive attention.

About Patches: Patches was adopted from a Baltimore shelter at the tender age of 7 months and has been happily reigning as the queen of my DC apartment for almost 2 years. When she’s […]

June 2014 Pet of the Month

Meet Mr. T and Izzie!

Name: Mr. T and Izzie (formally Tristan and Isolde)

Breed: Domestic gray short-hairs

Likes: Mr. T likes cardboard boxes, fetching his crinkleball toys, using his crinkleball as a pacifier, spooning with humans, and galloping around the house like a horse. Izzie likes answering the front door, brushies in the sunny bay window, chasing the laser dot, and giving foot rubs with her […]

May 2014 Pet of the Month

Meet Conroy!

Name: Conroy

Breed: Black-Spotted, Bengal-like Domestic

Likes: Treats, dunking toys in the toilet, running on her cat wheel, being up high, opening the kitchen cabinets, playing hide and seek, and strangely, spinach.

All hail the Queen.

Dislikes: Strangers, closed doors, and snow.

About Conroy: Named for author Pat Conroy, I brought this diva home when she was 10 weeks old. Not much of a cat person, […]

April 2014 Pet of the Month

Meet Ace!

Name: Ace

Breed: Burmese

Likes: Ace likes to play with his friend the Exeter Lion. Sometimes he will grab it by its neck and shake it but the Lion does not seem to mind. Ace also likes to bite the tips of peoples’ fingers.

No you can’t play with him; Exeter Lion is my favorite toy!

Dislikes: Ace does not like to travel. Staying at […]

March 2014 Pet of the Month

Meet Fidget!

Name: Fidget

Breed: Budgerigar (parakeet)

Likes: Not just like, but love for his human flock. Next to that, millet spray (a type of grass with many small, tasty seeds). Corn, peas, but absolutely not carrots or lima beans. Anything forbidden that people were eating, such as cheese, popcorn and cookies. On the other hand, the most healthy eating habits of any budgie I have known, […]

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