At Sit-A-Pet we don’t charge by the pound!

Debbie riding an elephantMaintaining your pet’s routine is Sit-A-Pet’s specialty. This includes exercising your pets in familiar surroundings and feeding them their favorite foods. Strict attention is paid to prescribed feeding requirements, including medications. (Many of our sitters are even experienced in caring for special-needs animals). Pet quarters are maintained and litter boxes cleaned daily.

Making sure your home is secure is also a top priority. While you’re away, Sit-A-Pet creates a lived-in look in your home. This includes bringing in the mail and newspapers, and rotating the lights and drapes. Plant care is also provided.

Sit-A-Pet will schedule an initial meeting at your convenience at which you and your pet are interviewed in order to become familiar with your pet’s routine, diet, and medical history. The name and location of your veterinarian and emergency contact numbers are recorded at this time. Sit-A-Pet will obtain a set of your door keys (which will be security coded) and alarm system instructions. At this meeting, you are encouraged to instruct the service about any additional requirements you and your pet may have.

On the last visit before your arrival home, your sitter will leave you a detailed note. They also will remind you to call the office upon your arrival so Sit-A-Pet knows you have returned as planned and that your pet is cared for.


There is an initial registration fee of $25.00.

Charges start at $28 per visit for one pet. Price varies according to number of pets, number of visits per day, and any special requirements. Please call the office for your custom pricing.