2012 Pets of the Month

December 2012 Pet of the Month

Meet Scooter!

Name: Scooter

Breed: Scooter is a handsome, domestic short-hair weighing almost 17 pounds. He is a big boy with large, engaging eyes.

Likes: Were Scooter able to testify he would likely list being brushed and taking naps as his favorite things. Donna, his Sit-A-Pet sitter, is challenged every visit by Scooter’s endless appetite for brushing. Scooter is so vocal in his pleas; we have encouraged […]

November 2012 Pet of the Month

Meet Smudgeface!

Name: Smudgeface

Breed: DC Alley Cat

Likes: I like to wander in the house and play with catnip toys and lie in front of the fire. (The indoor cats are afraid of me even though I’m tiny). I’m not very food motivated, but a little piece of leftover chicken is a nice treat.

I know that I have people that love
me, but I really […]

October 2012 Pet of the Month

Meet Leopold and Figaro!

Name: Leopold and Figaro (aka The Bookends)

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat

Likes: We love to stop, drop and roll at your feet for a belly rub and massage. Our favorite time of day is bed time, when we race up the steps for our “snack treats”. Then it’s play time with our feather string and bell ball toys. We love each other so […]

September 2012 Pet of the Month

Meet Lily!

Name: Lily, aka “Chicken”, “Lily Butt”, “Pickle, “Lily-putian”

Breed: Calico Domestic Long-Hair, i.e. ‘Fabulous!’

Likes: Human peoples, anything sassy(!), paw-dicures, never ending water fountains, heating pads, Fancy Feast (“Only the Best!”), 22-hour naps, water left in the shower.

More is better!

Dislikes: An empty plate, cold floors, lack of affection, fighting with her kitteh brother (“Cat!”).

About Lily: “More is better” — Not just a mantra […]

August 2012 Pet of the Month

Meet Archie!

Name: Archie Jackson

Breed: Domestic Shorthair… aka, Alley Cat

Likes: Nose bumping Mom and Dad to get attention, those nice Sit-A-Pet people checking in on us, playing with fuzzy toys, chasing sister Hazel in the house and the garden, leaping on anything that moves and then curling up in a big furry ball with sister Hazel and having serious bath time together.

Life is […]

July 2012 Pet of the Month

Meet Lily and Luvy!

Name: Lily and Luvy

Breed: Persian

Likes: Lily is an extrovert who loves people (she’s the chocolate Persian). Luvy is more shy, but is sweet (she’s the silver Persian), loves to be combed and eat her treats. They both love Dea, their Sit-A-Pet kitty sitter.

We run this household and have
our owner wrapped around our
paws and tails!

Dislikes: Lily and Luvy hate baths […]

June 2012 Pet of the Month

Meet Rocky!

Name: Rocky

Breed: Terrier – Norwich or mix – 14 1/2 years old

Likes: Being outdoors, either just lying there in the sun or the shade, the heat or the cold, or walking fast for an hour with Mom and her friends up and down the hills in Rock Creek Park, food, any food, any time, having his tummy scratched.

Do you really have […]

May 2012 Pet of the Month

Meet Nikita!

Name: Nikita Tatiana (known as Nik, or Pikolus, as in Nicholas Pikolus)

Breed: American Shorthair—Calico

Likes: Tuna, petting, brushing, and reminiscing about hunting voles in her youth.

Look! I caught a mouse!

Dislikes: When her brother, Boris, jumps her, nail clipping, vets, and cold weather.

About Nikita: I don’t look it, but I’m 19 years old. I came to my humans in Portland, Oregon, the day […]

April 2012 Pet of the Month

Meet Milo!

Name: Hello, I’m Milo. I live in my own castle in Arlington, and have two human pets (although they think they are my “dads”). I moved here about seven years ago from Pennsylvania and really enjoy this place. My castle is surrounded by a forest full of interesting creatures, but for some reason they seem to get nervous when I try to get […]

March 2012 Pet of the Month

Meet Harley!

Name: Hi there. My name is Harley. I was brought home three years ago from the shelter (I do not like cages!) and my Mom struggled with what to call me. After considerable thinking time she settled on Harley (a la Harley Davidson) because I purr and purr. Not just the low you-can-only-feel-it-if-you-have-your-hand-on-my-back type of purr but more the you-can-hear-it-across-the-couch variety. Though she […]

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