2009 Pets of the Month

December 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Miko!

Name: Miko (origin: Japanese, meaning: “shrine maiden”)

Breed: Balinese

Likes: I enjoy deep tissue massages, pawdicures, being brushed, sticking my paw in people’s beverages, speaking my mind (my “catitude”), catnip, loves, snuggles, attention, “helping” my people play video games, albacore tuna in spring water, getting a drink of warm water from the bathtub faucet, sitting outside on the back patio gazing at the moon and […]

November 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Teddy!

Name: Teddy Roosevelt

Breed: Sable Burmese

Likes: Attention, feather toys on fishing poles, sitting in his travel cab (in the house), giving and receiving lots of hugs and kisses, playing in the car (in the garage), Trader Joe’s Tuna for Cats, burrowing under the comforter to make a nest, belly rubs, stalking and pouncing on his kitty companion, more hugs and kisses, being naughty while […]

October 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Kent & Duncan!

Name: Kent & Duncan, aka “the menaces”

Breed: Domestic shorthairs

Likes: Duncan likes scaling tall buildings in a single bound (or neighbor’s roofs in two or three shorter bounds). It’d be easier if he wore a cape because then his owner wouldn’t have to go get him Again limited to the house, he likes sitting on top of tall cabinets from which he […]

September 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Casey!

Name: Casey

Breed: Tuxedo Short Hair

Likes: Repeatedly grabbing and attempting to hold onto soft toys dangling on strings (preferably while said toy is being moved around by appropriate human servant); reaching out to bat unsuspecting human walking down stairs; getting visits from cat-sitter Arlene when his people go off on yet another trip; happily purring when his people return; sleeping (in my lap, on […]

August 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Rosemary!

Name: Rosemary

Breed: Short Hair

Likes: Sitting in the lap or (especially) on the shoulder or draped around the neck of anyone who is even slightly tolerant of such intimacy; socializing with guests at parties while dodging errant feet; being brushed and brushed and brushed (did I mention being brushed?); having her whiskers stroked; lying in the sun under the orchids in the window especially […]

July 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Grover!

Name: Grover

Breed: Short Hair Tabby

Likes: Food; as much lap time as possible; small, cozy spaces; Sitter Liz; food; paper bags and boxes; listening to guests at dinner parties; food; combing (sometimes); paper to sit on; watching birds and squirrels; clean litter boxes; old, familiar cat beds; and food.

There are no ordinary cats, so any time spent with a cat is never […]

June 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Russell!

Name: Russell (aka Kyttrs, Ruslan, Tiny Guy, Mr. Saucy Pickles, Vampire Kitty)

Breed: A lovely grey domestic shorthair

Likes: Drinking water from the faucet; Getting in boxes and bags; Chasing miniature tennis balls; Watching birds and helicopters through the window; Scratching on the couch; Climbing, jumping, running; Cuddling at 4 am.

Plz can play nao?

Dislikes: Tissues and toilet paper that haven’t been destroyed yet; […]

May 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Daddy-O!

Name: Daddy-O

Breed: Daddy-O refuses to discuss his heritage

Likes: Daddy-O is fickle. For example – for weeks he won’t eat anything but Bumble Bee solid white albacore tuna and immediately after I buy 12 cans on sale, he won’t look at it. Lately he craved Boston Market turkey (no gravy). I stopped buying it after I had to eat turkey sandwiches everyday for a […]

April 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Billie!

Name: Billie

Breed: Boxer

Likes: Meeting new people, long walks, good stuff to smell, barking at other dogs, cuddling, “Pup-A-Ronies”

I twirl with delight when I see my pet sitter!

Dislikes: None.

About Billie: “Full of personality” – that is how a friend described a new-born boxer pup she had just seen. This proved to be an understatement. Billie jumped into my lap upon our first […]

March 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Gabriel!

Name: Gabriel, known as Gabby

Breed: All around terrific rescue cat of unknown origins!

Likes: Everybody! But thinks that Greenies are the cats meow and will do his best imitation of a meerkat sitting up in order to get a Greenie!

The smallest feline is a masterpiece. (Leonardo da Vinci)

Dislikes: When you stop playing with him with the Cat Dancer more, more he says!

About […]

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