2008 Pets of the Month

December 2008 Pet of the Month

Meet Sydney!

Name: Sydney

Breed: Siamese/DSH Mix

Likes: Sleeping under the covers; sleeping on the couch; sleeping in general; food; snuggling with people on the couch; belly rubs; meowing.

I am perfection with paws

Dislikes: Going to the vet; people who ignore me; thunder; pedicures; closed doors

About Sydney: I was a pampered family pet for the first seven years of my life, but then my family developed […]

November 2008 Pet of the Month

Meet Tutti!

Name: Tutti (Nudey-Patudey Petunia)

Breed: Ragdoll?

Likes: All kinds of food – cat food, fish, cheese, eggs, angel food cake, ginger bread cake, brioche, General Tso’s tofu and Kung Pao tofu and petrolux; getting brushed, catnip and belly rubs.

Did I hear a bag of chips open?

Dislikes: Going to the vet; the landlord; stray kitties on the back porch; getting woken from a deep […]

October 2008 Pet of the Month

Meet Izzy!

Name: Izzy

Breed: Maine Coon?

Likes: Belly rubs; being walked to the food dish; catnip; watching everything from the screened porch (“I can see them but they can’t see me!”)

Shrimp. It’s what’s for dinner” (she wishes!)

Dislikes: Cat carrier, construction/repair people, windstorms

About Izzy: Izzy came into our lives through a much-forwarded e-mail many years ago. She’s a sweetie, and has a sizeable fan club […]

September 2008 Pet of the Month

Meet Harry and Camden!

Name: Harry and Camden

Breed: Guinea Pigs

Likes: Timothy Hay, getting cuddled, carrots, greens, floor time.

Adopt a Guinea Pig. It’ll put hair on your chest!

Dislikes: Loud noises, sudden movements, scary movies.

About Harry and Camden: Harry and Camden were adopted from Small Angels Animal Rescue in Frederick, Maryland. They have been wonderful, cuddly pets and always greet us in the morning with […]

August 2008 Pet of the Month

Meet Lissie!

Name: Lissie

Breed: Pound puppy Cocker/Golden mix

Likes: Lissie loves to laugh at Sasha-Dog, bug the cats, get big hugs and kisses, and just plain rest.

I want my dinner!

Dislikes: Construction workers, fireworks and dogs who think they’re smarter.

About Lissie: Lissie is a lovable rag-a-muffin, always up for a good rest in the softest spot in the house-my chair! Usually calm and serene, she […]

July 2008 Pet of the Month

Meet Pliny!

Name: Pliny (or Plin-plin, Pliny-whinney, Pliny the Younger)

Breed: All American alley — black and white and sleek

Likes: My five buddies — especially wrestling with Csaba and Fern; opening doors to bedrooms and baths (even latched); moving the bubbling water bowl across the kitchen; and following Daddy around the house.

Wake up, wake up!

Dislikes: Sleeping kitties who won’t play with me, doors I […]

June 2008 Pet of the Month

Meet Mr. Leroy!

Name: Mr. Leroy (or “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown”)

Breed: Domestic Short Hair – prefers to be called “blond” rather than “buff”

Likes: His Kitty Hooch catnip (shown in picture); being front and center and underfoot at a party; sitting on your briefcase so you can not go to work; playing with his water bowl and moving it across the kitchen floor like it’s on […]

May 2008 Pet of the Month

Meet Cosmo!

Name: Cosmo (his real name), Cosmosis, Cosmopolitan, Cozzie.

Breed: Mainly an American Cream Tabby (with some other breeds)

Likes: Having his head licked by his sister, Steffi (the “Fluffy One”); being scratched and rubbed; catnip; playing circus cat with the kitty tease; wrestling with the Fluffy One; kitty tease; grabbing at human legs; kitty tease; bouncing around destroying furniture; being Tarzan the Jungle Cat on […]

April 2008 Pet of the Month

Meet Mimi!

Name: Mimi; Mimisita la gatita bonita

Breed: Grey Tabby Domestic Shorthair

Likes: Long naps; heat (sunshine and fireplace hearth or places near heat vents); belly rubs; rolling around on clean sheets and blankets while beds are being made; chasing a laser pointer or any long piece of string; sitting by a screened window, smelling the air and chirping at birds and squirrels; a lap to […]

March 2008 Pet of the Month

Meet Sparky!

Name: Sparky

Breed: Green iguana

Likes: Sparky loves attention — especially cheek rubs and head scratches — and taking baths. He spends a lot of time basking in the sunshine that comes through the window, and he likes watching squirrels and the neighbors through the window. A natural vegan, Sparky’s favorite foods are leafy greens, berries, and bananas as a treat.

Pass the banana […]
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