Name: Blaze

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Blaze loves play, and fetches thrown objects such as balls or fake mice and drops them at my feet to be thrown again. He also likes prodding paper and plastic in a way to make noise, and will bite the tight plastic on cases of cat food, making a snapping noise and leaving teeth marks. He also likes more usual things such as snoozing on a bed, couch, or warm lap.

I’m in charge, here, got it?

Dislikes: Blaze is famous with vets for not giving the least trouble during any of the proceedings. Nor does he object to being put in a carrier. He is a very steadfast and stoic cat, objecting to almost nothing.

About Blaze: Blaze was rescued from a neighborhood in Louisa, Virginia, after two successive caregivers lost the ability to give care. Later, a black cat who had been abandoned in the same area, and who would show up on the doorstep circa midnight wanting to be fed, was adopted and named Midnight. He is now a clowder mate with Blaze and yet another black cat named Buddy who had been adopted from a friend in Liberty, Ohio who rescues cats and who never has fewer than ten cats in his house…