Name: Oscar Felipe Natelson

Breed: Mixed (but he looks like he has either some Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat with his fluffy good looks and tufted paws).

Likes: Bird, squirrel and chipmunk watching – and judging the neighbors. He is also a big fan of Hartz Stew and Churu treats and long massages.

Get off your butt and give me a massage now.

Dislikes: Strangers, loud noises, and behavior he considers rude or unwarranted.

About Oscar: His adopted cat-brother (the famous Stanley) told me that he needed his own cat. We found Oscar on a Cat’s Life Rescue. Oscar was immediately enamored with Stanley (who would not be). And after a few incidents, the two are fast cat-rades and BFFs with Oscar glad to play the role of sidekick. Oscar, an originally quiet cat, has been taught to meow loudly by his brother, demanding a nightly massage and full attention. You will find Oscar most days in the window of our cul de sac condo being the family sentinel and providing an early warning if a dangerous squirrel has entered our territory.