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December 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Smoke

Breed: Ragdoll

Likes: Doing her own thing and eating all the time

What I have really appreciated over the years is your belief that your home belongs to us, your cats, and we let you live here too.

Dislikes: Any delay in being fed on time as determined by her

About Smoke: Smoke and her sister Summer came into my life as kittens in 2000. […]

November 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Dolce

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Greenies treats, napping on her owner, lying on any paper product, watching birds and bugs from her perch by the window, giving kisses, couch time with her favorite pet sitter Tristine

Would you like to pet my belly? You know you want to.

Dislikes: Anyone touching her ears, medicine, other cats

About Dolce: Dolce is a “Sit-A-Pet to the rescue” […]

October 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Bob

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Likes: Lounging in small boxes. Giving disapproving looks from across the room. Pestering his ’sister’ Khasi. Settling into crinkly tissue paper. Being brushed.

When are they leaving?

Dislikes: Strangers. Visitors. Loud noises. Unexcused absences (note: all absences are unexcused).

About Bob: Bob and Khasi were found together in a landfill in King George County, and made their way here via King Street […]

September 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Harry

Breed: Ragdoll

Likes: Treats, treats, and did I mention treats? Also chasing/attacking his sister, Peggy, getting into boxes, watching TV, belly rubs, and anything that makes a crinkling sound. Basically, whenever we’re opening packages, he has a front-row seat.

I’ll take ALL the treats, please!

Dislikes: Thunder, having his nails clipped.

About Harry: Harry is a very goofy, laid back guy with a great sense […]

August 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Fela

Breed: Domestic medium hair

Likes: Freeze-dried chicken treats, falling asleep while birdwatching, playing with pipe-cleaners

I see you’re in the kitchen – are you getting food for me?

Dislikes: Being picked up, traveling, when dinner is late

About Fela: Fela was born under someone’s house in NE DC in July 2017 and had an awesome foster mom through the Humane Rescue Alliance as a young […]

July 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Figi Byrd

Breed: African Grey Parrot

Likes: Music (my tastes range from Depeche Mode to Vivaldi), dancing, any food I’m not supposed to have. I enjoy playing with my house panther Luna Nyx as well. I expect to be included in whatever humans are doing. I also love to get down off my cage, go walkabout and generally stress out my human.

“You can […]

June 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Stanford

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Likes: Car rides, philosophical discussion (he mostly listens), going outside on his leash, drinking from tall glasses, going on hikes in his backpack, the taste of spring grass, his favorite chair, watching bird videos

All I need is good food, good company, the occasional trip to the front yard on my leash, and a comfortable place to rest—that is […]

May 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Sofie

Breed: Long-haired domestic – some say she may be part Norwegian Forest Cat.

Likes: Chirping at and watching birds in the window, hiding in boxes and belly rubs.

I’m the boss of the house. Always listen to me, I need way more attention!

Dislikes: Food (has to be closed in her room so she’ll eat) and having her nails clipped.

About Sofie: Sofie came to […]

April 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Elpheba

Breed: Calico

Likes: Head scratches, cuddling.

Don’t go to work; instead stay home and scratch my head all day!

Dislikes: Water (similar to her namesake)

About Elpheba: Elpheba got her name from the lead character of the book and musical Wicked. She loves to cuddle with her sister Starbuck (whose name came from the character in Battlestar Galactica not, as most people think, from the […]

March 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Andy

Breed: Maine Coon Cat, fur is orange, eyes are yellow.

Likes: His mom, talking & listening, petting, purring, chirping, Fancy Feast, plastic, napping in the sun and sitting on jigsaw puzzles.

Thank you for adopting me and giving me such a wonderful forever home where I am loved and admired.

Dislikes: Bananas, strangers and knocks on the door, being restrained, and especially, Litter Robot.

About […]

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