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March 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Andy

Breed: Maine Coon Cat, fur is orange, eyes are yellow.

Likes: His mom, talking & listening, petting, purring, chirping, Fancy Feast, plastic, napping in the sun and sitting on jigsaw puzzles.

Thank you for adopting me and giving me such a wonderful forever home where I am loved and admired.

Dislikes: Bananas, strangers and knocks on the door, being restrained, and especially, Litter Robot.

About […]

February 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Nikki, but will only respond to “Natasha”.

Breed: Calico, but wonder if she could be part Maine Coon with some of her habits.

Likes: Looking at herself in the mirror, sitting next to the bathtub watching me take a bath then hops in the tub to take a nap, drinking out of any faucet with running water and paying special attention to our friends with […]

January 2021 Pet of the Month

Name: Lyla

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat Mix

Likes: Heating vents, cardboard boxes, and her screened porch where she loudly defends her castle from critters who dare enter the yard.

I love being the boss!

Dislikes: Catnip

About Lyla: Having languished in a shelter for more than a year, Lyla was adopted by our son who then moved home briefly after college. When he left, we said goodbye […]

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