2011 Pets of the Month

December 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Tallulah!

Name: Tallulah (aka “Lu”, “Pooky Pants”)

Breed: Scottish Fold

Likes: Being pet – on the head, cheeks, chin and belly; cuddling; snuggling on the sofa or in bed; sitting on a warm lap (get the picture?); a distant second to lots (and lots and lots) of attention are playing with my cat dancer (but I like the dancer to come to me), having long conversations […]

November 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Feisty!

Name: Feisty, Feistilla or Feist-feist. Originally I was named Fancy (yuk!), the shelter where I was dropped off then switched my name to Fiesta, but I am not a party girl and as my human companion is from Spain that name would just not do, so I now proudly go by Feisty which goes much better with my personality.

Breed: Persian

Likes: Cicadas and grasshoppers […]

October 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Lucy!

Name: Lucy – also called Lucy Goosey, Lucy J Dog and when she is in trouble- Lucinda!

Breed: Mixed lab

Likes: I love FOOD, especially biscuits and treats. I have gotten very good at retrieving treats from the Kong. I also love to nap because I am pretty old. I like my walks and to sniff just about everything along the path. I like to […]

September 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Hershey!

Name: Hershey (aka “Hersh”, “Hersheycat”, “Hershey Handsome”, “Hershicus”, “Pal o’Mine”)

Breed: Havana Brown mix

Likes: I am an indiscriminate, food-obsessed “foodie”. If it is food, my determination knows no bounds. I’ll climb to the top of the fridge to dig open a box of Cheerios, figure out how to open the kitchen cabinet to find kitty treats, or learn to open the bedroom dresser drawers, […]

August 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Kitty!

Name: ‘Kitty’ (aka ‘Kitty Carlisle’) (aka ‘YOOO HOOO’) (aka ‘ARE YOU HUNGRY?’ – I respond best to this one)

Breed: Calico

Likes: FOOD, FOOD, FOOD – simple as that. I know exactly what I want and when I want it (24/7), but getting my owner (I hate that word, but I’ll use it here because I know she’ll be reading this) to open the right […]

July 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Miles!

Name: Miles Alves Vayá

Breed: Long Haired Miniature Dachshund

Likes: First and foremost, Miles loves cheese. He eats more cheese than his parents! Miles was a very stubborn puppy (still a stubborn adult) and would not eat puppy treats. His vet suggested he be trained with cheese. Since then he is very offended when anyone eats cheese in his presence, after all, isn’t all cheese […]

June 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Cinnabon!

Name: Cinnabon (on left side, in photo)

Breed: Maine Coon

Likes: Sleeping, watching birds, being brushed, water … likes to wash her paws in her water bowl and dunks her toys and especially likes sneaking high calorie dry cat food from Belles bowl … Cinnabon is a bit of a couch potato so she gets low calorie, fur ball control dry food while Belle gets […]

May 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Cocoa!

Name: Cocoa (named for Kokopelli and the wonderful color of her fur)

Breed: Domestic short-hair (although she looks more like a mix of ocelot and leopard)

Likes: Having her head scratched and her belly rubbed; sitting on laps and purring; sleeping on her blanket and purring; playing with her favorite toys (and purring); helping to pay the bills by lying on top of them and […]

April 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Ti!

Name: Ti (previous name, “Saki”), nickname “Big Fatty”, age 19

Breed: Half Siamese, half domestic shorthair (his father was a stray Siamese cat and his mother was our neighbor’s beautiful orange tabby cat, Honey)

Likes: Ti, a Sit-a-Pet client since about 2000, likes to be scratched around his ears, to be picked up and carried around, to sit on laps, to be brushed, to sleep […]

March 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Ludlow!

Name: Ludlow Cuddles (middle name)

Breed: Domestic short-hair (tuxedo)

Likes: Baked goods (especially muffins, scones)

I just want to be loved.

Dislikes: nail clippers; cat toothpaste

About Ludlow Cuddles: The name Ludlow came from the town where he was discovered, Ludlowville, NY. He was just 4 months old and playing among the gardens outside a bed-and-breakfast. Ludlow is 100% sweetness with no other ingredients. He is […]

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