2022 Pets of the Month

December 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: Pete

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Although he is getting on in years, Pete, aged 13, remains active at home with a wide array of hobbies and interests. These include, but are not limited to, trying to set the Guinness World Record for the longest nap, 3 AM calisthenics, birdwatching, and curating his collection of approximately 2,583 toys. In addition, he owns and operates a […]

November 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: Motoko (MO-to-ko), after Major Motoko Kusanagi, the main character in the Ghost in the Shell manga and anime series; because she just appears silently, like a ghost. She was just upstairs, and then, she’s right next to you!

Breed: Dilute Tortie, 10 yo

Likes: Looking out the window, hunting Insects, “helping” her humans. White fish wet food, very picky; shrimp and crab. Addicted to Shrimp […]

October 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: Nutmeg (aka “Meg,” “Meggie,” “Her Majesty”)

Breed: Scottish Fold – Tortoiseshell

Likes: Belly rubs, stretching out in the sunlight, sitting in a “Buddha” pose, attacking tissue paper, snuggling with her mom and dad on the couch, hunting crickets in the basement, playing with feather toys with her fabulous favorite sitter Debbie from Sit-A-Pet

Feather toys, sunshine, and window perch to watch the birds…ah, life is […]

September 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: Bocephus “Bobo” Kelley-Calvert

Breed: Siamese (Chocolate Point)

Likes: “Bumblebees” playtime, head rubs, sitting on mommy’s lap, his project chair, bed-making time, the hallway outside our door, our neighbors’ cats and dogs, his box in the closet

I’m ready to go in the hall anytime to see if my friends (neighbors’ pets) can come out and play!

Dislikes: When his siblings come upstairs into his territory, belly-rubbing, […]

August 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: Jasper

Breed: “Rescue” (aka: domestic short-hair cat of indeterminate origin)

Likes: A warm lap to curl up in, sun “puddles” (both ideal for cool weather napping especially), crinkly toys and snacks

Could you please sit down, I’m ready for my afternoon nap in your lap.

Dislikes: Home renovations/displaced furniture, wet food not warmed to just the right temperature and road trips

About Jasper: Jasper was adopted […]

July 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: Odysseus Orion William-Nilliam Mitchell-Karbowsky (a.k.a. Ody)

Breed: American shorthair cow cat

Likes: Fetching. Playing. Sushi. Laps. His favorite chair. Helping his humans type.

I have so many feelings and I don’t know why!

Dislikes: Too many to list! He’s a very particular cat. Changes are hard! Clothes being packed are scary! Waking up from naps is the worst! Laps shouldn’t have to move!

About Ody: Ody […]

June 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: Cosmo Korzeniewski

Breed: DSH – orange tabby

Likes: Ear scritches, snacks, the laser pointer, meeting new people & wrestling with his little sister Trixie

I cannot be contained!

Dislikes: Closed doors, petting & being anywhere near his little sister Trixie

About Cosmo: Cosmo, named for beautiful orange cosmos flowers, is a charming curmudgeon who likes things done his way. He was just over 2 years old […]

May 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: The BZA

Breed: Budgerigar

Likes: Millet, his brother Wiley, hanging out on the windowsill, real hip-hop, baths in the fountain, free flying in the house

Seed rules everything around me.

Dislikes: Also his brother Wiley, healthy food, molting, his annual visits to the vet

About The BZA: As the first and only bird member of Wu-Tang Clan, The BZA takes his name from his distant human […]

April 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: Noah (aka The Noah)

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Likes: Chicken, more chicken, supervised outdoor time, lap time, his toy knitted lobster (called “Crabbie”), 2 tummy rubs

Wake up warden, it’s 7am. Time for breakfast.

Dislikes: The 3rd tummy rub, fireworks, thunder storms

About Noah: Noah turns 13 this month! Noah showed up on our porch as a kitten, dehydrated, hungry, and homeless. He was smart enough to […]

March 2022 Pet of the Month

Name: Nora

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Likes: Treats, cat grass, and sitting on squares

I’m just going to take a quick nap–please don’t forget to wake me up for dinner!

Dislikes: Having her teeth brushed

About Nora: Nora is a six-year-old ginger tabby who was adopted a few years ago from Human Rescue Alliance. She can be shy with strangers at first but once she gets to know […]

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