Meet Bacci!

Name: Official-“Bacchus”; Diminutive-“Bacci”; Unofficial-“FaFa” (short for Fafalito)

Breed: Siamese (with a dash of spice)

Likes: Telling people to get out of his house. Rough-housing. Waking people up as soon as the sun comes up. Sleeping on your newly pressed clothes. Licking leather shoes. Going into the shower as soon as the water has been turned off. Chewing plastic bags. Biting your nose, chin or whatever has a human edge and purringly hanging on.

Pet sitters taste yummy!

Dislikes: Most people, especially children and his uncle. Being bothered in the morning while he’s languorously engaging in a second snooze.

About Bacci: He began to develop certain peculiarities at a young age. Perhaps it was the trip to the beach when he was only 7 months old. He was baptized in the ocean, thwarted hungry seagulls and survived the heat and hot sand. Later on he would dash like mad around the apartment; leap after birds on the balcony, only to sail through the air and over the balcony (successfully, however). He began to greet guests by sneaking up behind them, jumping up and slapping both ears with his paws. Newcomers were quite wary. The legend grew. Soon, guests would arrive with shield in hand. At 17 years he’s somewhat tamer now, with a game leg. Still, some days he shows that spunk we have come to love. So please keep him in sight, because he has an attitude. Don’t trust him when he’s being “friendly”. Remember, pet sitters taste yummy.