Name: Minerva

Breed: Medium hair black cat

Likes: Eating, sleeping, being the center of attention, chasing string, staring at humans.

Hey, is that my feather toy over there?

Dislikes: Nothing much; maybe vacuum cleaner

About Minerva: We got our previous cat Molly when she was four. She had been on the street and was a real fighter and we loved her for it. Minerva, now eight, was seven when she came home from the shelter with one clipped ear indicating that she must have lived on the street too. Clearly she at one point had a loving family because she is very trusting and has great manners. She is also a total goof ball, with one tooth that points backwards instead of downwards. She also flops over on her side when she wants more petting. We would like her former family to know she is in a good home and hope they will forgive us for changing her name from Teresa. When we are not home she plays with the amazing Chris from Sit-A-Pet, who gave her a captivating feather toy. We are grateful to Sit-A-Pet and the Humane Rescue Alliance. Although Minerva is blasé about being chosen Pet of the Month we are thrilled.