Name: Comma

Breed: Domestic medium-hair tabby? Unsure

Likes: Sprinting around outside. Using tree trunks as scratching posts. Sleeping for hours in piles of leaves

The world is full of wonders! Come, let me show you.

Dislikes: His food bowl getting low on cat chow, being left alone too long, having his ears cleaned

About Comma: His family adopted him five years ago from the Baltimore SPCA. They chose him because he was sickly and had matted fur but underneath was a handsome cat with a big heart. Today, Comma is healthy and robust, loves exploring in his backyard in Arlington and also cuddling on the sofa with his humans. Comma’s second-favorite human to his people family is Debbie from Sit-A-Pet. Whenever she comes over to visit Comma, he runs right up to her and even allows her to hold him. Comma is shy around new people but warmed up to Debbie very quickly, and it’s clear how much he trusts and adores her. The amount of joy this funny fellow with a heart of gold brings to his humans’ lives is priceless.