Name: Bocephus “Bobo” Kelley-Calvert

Breed: Siamese (Chocolate Point)

Likes: “Bumblebees” playtime, head rubs, sitting on mommy’s lap, his project chair, bed-making time, the hallway outside our door, our neighbors’ cats and dogs, his box in the closet

I’m ready to go in the hall anytime to see if my friends (neighbors’ pets) can come out and play!

Dislikes: When his siblings come upstairs into his territory, belly-rubbing, being told what to do

About Bobo: Bobo loves his project chair. He loves to sit in it and loves to scratch it until the stuffing falls out. Whenever he runs up the stairs, he makes a sound like a turkey gobbling. He is very fast, so we call him the Gobble Rocket. Bobo is very vocal and tells everyone what he thinks all the time, especially when he wants Daddy to play Bumblebees. He has older brother and sister cats, but he’s the biggest so he makes sure they know it…alpha all the way. He’s always looking for when he can get on his back and wiggle around – bed with just a sheet on it, empty laundry hamper or other box, his favorite chair…which he also likes to sit people-style in – hilarious.