Name: Pumpkin

Breed:Orange Tabby, most likely a reincarnation of The Buddha

Likes: Being alert to all living things, Pumpkin likes to sit in his watcher pose at the backdoor and flicks his tail as he tracks the birds in flight. He meditates every morning during his favorite activity – being brushed to maintain his wise and all-knowing look. When we are away, Nila from Sit-a-Pet is his favorite human keeper, and she is his biggest fan.

He likes to quote his friend Winnie the Pooh, “what I like doing best is nothing.”

Dislikes: Moving: As an evolved being, Pumpkin has perfected the “joy of non-doing” and is careful not to disturb the air around him by moving as little as possible. His internal serenity allows him to be unfazed by any activity that might disrupt his daily communion with the sun on his favorite meditation rug.

About Pumpkin: Pumpkin is a 7-year-old short-hair, though as a reincarnated being, he could be thousands of years old. Pumpkin came to us several years ago as a rescue cat named Turtle from Pet Mac in Washington, DC. When we were there, it was clear that Pumpkin chose us – he used his powers to lock eyes on us, and there was no other choice. Somehow Turtle didn’t seem like the right name, as an orange tabby with a white bib and weighing in at 19 lbs., Pumpkin seemed to better capture his spirit. We are grateful that Pumpkin is sharing this life, before he goes onto the next, with us.