Name: Mabel

Breed: Domestic Long Hair Fuzzball

Likes: Spooning with mom; lap naps; grooming myself likes it’s my job; wrestling loudly with Oskar (kitty roommate) to get mom’s attention so she’ll FEED US

Don’t worry. Be nap-py. <<yawn>>

Dislikes: Oskar (he’s a stinky, clumsy boy!); human paws where I’ve just groomed (ahem); being moved out of mom’s bed

About Mabel: Mom had just lost her dear old tomcat Handsome and would come into the pet shop I was living in (they rescued and adopted out feral kitties like me!) to visit with the kitties while she shopped for her other kitty Hazel. When I was just a wee, wild kitten, she picked me up and carried me around while she shopped one day, and I fell asleep in her arms. The shop owner told her that she *had* to adopt me because I was a Krazy Kitten and had never been calm around anyone else. She held me up close to her face to see if I was a kitty she’d like to bring home, and to seal the deal, I licked her nose and won her heart pronto. Since then, we’ve been inseparable. Hazel has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge and mom adopted Oskar (another feral rescue) who is my roommate/nemesis/occasional snuggle bud. We both love mom, her human child Gigi, and our two human guy buds Kurt and David (our Sit-A-Pet dad) to the moon and back, but we all know I’m mom’s favorite.