Name: Steve Whitaker

Breed: Well, a mix of tabby and Siamese

Likes: ATTENTION and things he should not eat

Dislikes: LACK OF ATTENTION and most males of any species

Do you know who I AM?

About Steve:  We adopted Steve at age seven through Four Paws — the source of our previous kitties, Peter and Floor.  He is a beautiful cat who loves to be petted and brushed and adored, and finds that females of most species understand that.  Thus they merit more attention from Steve.  But Steve can be a handful. He is allergic to everything, and so he has a special diet and medicine every other day that he resents, but to which at day’s end he resigns himself.  He never loses hope though, thinking that today might be the day when he snags some taboo tasty food.  Because of this, we have a child lock on our trash bin.  Steve has been caught red-pawed in the past in the drawer searching for a delectable and potentially disastrous morsel.  He is a long-legged jumper, undeterred by multiple daily instances of negative feedback for jumping on the kitchen counter or wherever he is not supposed to be.  He likes to knock things off said counter whenever possible.  Steve likes pooping outside of the box, sleeping in the sun, and is afraid of thunder.

He and our dog have finally achieved detente after two years of talks.  The dog routinely tattles on Steve, straining the bilateral relationship.

His pet sitters have said: “Steve is one of the sweetest, goofiest cats I have ever met”. “Steve is an AMAZING cat. He is aggressively–and creatively–affectionate.  Once, when I was writing a note to Betsy, he walked behind me on the back of the sofa and sort of lazily somersaulted himself over my shoulder and into my lap, landing in the classic baby-cradling position.”

Obviously, our fabulous friends at Sit-A-Pet have made fast friends with all of our kitties, and that always makes leaving them a good deal easier.

Please “like” Steve when he gets his 15 minutes on facebook. And remember, he’s watching.  🙂