Meet Gracie!

Name: Gracie

Breed: American Medium Hair

Likes: Gracie likes the simple things in life, like playing with her toy mice, receiving a good brushing, sleeping away the day, chatting for attention, and mildly annoying her human companion by swatting at her nose at dawn and drinking from her water glass.

I meow therefore I am.

Dislikes: Gracie dislikes the vacuum cleaner, a ringing telephone, and any sudden movements.

About Gracie: Gracie was adopted as a young kitten from the pound in Atlanta. Given her humble beginnings, she was very skittish of other people besides her human – Sit-A-Pet sitter Jan had to go looking under the bed for her for the first few years! Happily, Gracie has turned into a very friendly and sociable cat as she’s gotten older (that is, once she decides she likes you). She now graces Jan with her presence and enjoys plenty of attention when she visits. Gracie hopes that all kitties can find loving homes like she did!