Meet Calvin!

Name: Calvin

Breed: Tufted-toed silver tabby aka long hair silver tabby

Likes: Attention. And a lot of it. Morning constitutionals to get the paper and roll around in the driveway to get a belly rub. He is particularly fond of Friday morning conference calls and coffee on the patio and has been known to chime in loudly ensuring all on the phone can hear him. He loves being in his yard, strutting along all the walls and ledges and chasing random flying insects and skittering leaves… but he wants his people out with him. If you don’t come out he will come to the door to get you.

I’m not high maintenance, I’m high value.

Dislikes: Calvin is an overall agreeable guy and not very persnickety. Just don’t mess with his paws. Pet them softly for a few seconds and that’s it. He also gets a bit out of sorts when he sees the suitcases coming out. Even though his fiend Lisa from Sit-A-Pet visits and plays with him and overall does a good job of spoiling him, he would prefer that his people would stay put more.

About Calvin: Calvin was adopted as a kitten with his sister, Josie seven years ago and they quickly came to rule the roost as the Gray Wonders. When Josie died unexpectedly late last year Calvin was very lonely but he has since adjusted to being an only cat and getting undivided attention. He is super social and affectionate and assumes that all who come near him should admire and pet him. Those who don’t get the hint may find themselves getting a light nibble on the elbow, or having a large, soft paw tap at them until they acknowledge his presence. While absolutely an indoor cat he likes to pretend he is an adventure kitty and king of the wild in his yard and the neighbors’ whom he once surprised by sauntering into their house to say hello. One of his signature outdoor moves is the “run of joy” in which he will randomly race at top speed across the lawn, fur and tail rippling in the air, and then skid to a halt to either flop on the ground or sit regally and groom himself. Speaking of tails, he is particularly proud of his which is extremely long and fluffy and which he carries like a pennant — except when he’s sprawled on his back with his paws in the air, which is frequently.