Meet Lily!

Name: Lily, aka “Chicken”, “Lily Butt”, “Pickle, “Lily-putian”

Breed: Calico Domestic Long-Hair, i.e. ‘Fabulous!’

Likes: Human peoples, anything sassy(!), paw-dicures, never ending water fountains, heating pads, Fancy Feast (“Only the Best!”), 22-hour naps, water left in the shower.

More is better!

Dislikes: An empty plate, cold floors, lack of affection, fighting with her kitteh brother (“Cat!”).

About Lily: “More is better” — Not just a mantra — A way of Lily’s life. Plenty of purrz? Um, yes, please!? Naps? I haz nap all day! Affection AND love? Uh, a kitteh CAN have it all…why iz lap not COVERED IN MY FURZ!?!? Chin Scratches? BRING IT ON! Lily loves to remind those around her that the journey is more than just living our nine lives…stop and smell the Fancy Feast, snuggle more and meow less! Lily became a bi-coastal kitteh when her human peoples moved her from Seattle to her new home in Washington, DC. Puuuursonally, Lily prefers the diplomatic scene to her less formal life in the Jet City, but she misses the near constant nap inducing rain and cloudy skies. Lily has more health specialists than her owners but her doctor peoples help her stay spunky and healthy. We don’t know exactly how old Lily is, but a true diva wouldn’t admit that kind of detail anyway, right?!?!