Meet Rascal!

Name: Rascal (Nicknames: Rasc, Rascafer, Ferfer)

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Chicken and turkey (NOT chicken and turkey-flavored cat food – the real deal only!). Laying on my back, in various dramatic poses. Talking on Dad’s speakerphone conference calls. Taking my Dad’s place on the bed when he travels. My Mom’s cello playing. Anything electronic (especially printer/copiers, but I don’t know why my people keep replacing them – when I reach inside them, or turn them on and off and on and off over and over again, they seem fine to me). Walking around meowing with my mouth closed – it sounds like I’m humming. My brothers (some of the time).

This belly may look cute but don’t you touch it!

Dislikes: When my people go to work. Visitors I don’t know (especially people who come to fix things in the house – they’re too noisy!). Being picked up (I’m not in control then). My brothers (some of the time).

About Rascal: I came from the Washington Humane Society foster program, where I made a name for myself (literally) by changing the outgoing message on my foster dad’s answering machine (I was playing with the electronics) and then talking into it and, while the recording was still going, knocking a bunch of things over just to watch them fall. When I was younger, I used to play with my toys until my paws sweated! One of my brothers (Wellington, known as Welly) came from Washington Animal Rescue League. My parents tried really hard to get a brother who would match my personality, and it worked – we have never fought. My parents found my other brother, Max, in a parking lot in Michigan. My mom says that in that part of Michigan, the shelters don’t take cats, only dogs, which doesn’t seem right to me, but she insists it’s true. I never fought with Max, either (we all have always agreed I should be alpha) but it took almost a year for him and Welly to decide they like each other. But now they’re best friends, and they snuggle together during nap time, which is okay with me because I’m happy sleeping on my back by myself. We also have cat friends who stay outside. My mom feeds them and calls them strays, but they seem really nice. One of them went to live in a home and I hope some of the others will one day too. They get cold in the winter, I think. In addition to my cat friends, I have human friends, including someone I call my paid friend. She comes (from Sit-a-Pet) whenever my parents leave for more than a day, and she’s really nice. She even gives me my medicine, which I like because I get it in a yummy pill pocket. And when I see her writing a note, I know my parents are coming home!