Meet Casey!

Name: Casey

Breed: Tuxedo Short Hair

Likes: Repeatedly grabbing and attempting to hold onto soft toys dangling on strings (preferably while said toy is being moved around by appropriate human servant); reaching out to bat unsuspecting human walking down stairs; getting visits from cat-sitter Arlene when his people go off on yet another trip; happily purring when his people return; sleeping (in my lap, on my legs, in the sun, on newspapers or any other written product one is trying to read); getting brushed and combed; getting scratched behind the ears; eating grilled tuna and baby food.

Yes, that’s me ready to play – I’m just not good at pretending to be nonchalant.

Dislikes: Retreat under the bed is Casey’s standard response to unknown visitors especially of the male gender, and to thunder and other loud noises. He also hates to be put in his carrying case (but what self-respecting feline is different!)

About Casey: Casey is a big (14 pounds), handsome black and white tuxedo cat who came to us as a 5-year old adult from 4-Paws. He is an incredibly sweet guy and immediately got along with Jill, our then 13 year old girl cat who had just lost her soul mate (and mine), Jacques (Yes, Jacques and Jill). Jill has recently gone over the rainbow bridge at age 19, and we are still trying to decide whether Casey misses Jill or instead loves getting all the attention.