Meet Amiee!

Name: Amiee

Breed: Diva

Likes: Cocktail Parties! I adore a crowd, especially when the discussion turns to how darn cute I am. I love mingling, climbing on furniture, and pretending to fall sound asleep on the most comfortable chair in the house—keeping it from any guest butts. If enough attention is not headed my way, I also rely on my classic ‘climb on the back of couch or chair, sit on a shoulder, and slap my tail on an unsuspecting face.’ What a riot! While the recipient of the tail-slap sometimes doesn’t appreciate the move, the others in the room just love it. Tis a real crowd pleaser.

Heights. Above all, I like being above all. I enjoy pretending I am a buzzard and sit very still and stare at people from the top of my cat condo, the top of a bookshelf, the top of a counter, really anywhere that clearly symbolizes my superiority over all others. I adore cussing at birds that come within my window range. Also, nothing sparks a quiet evening like swatting at people who may walk too close to my perch. These faux boxing matches are a treat for the humans too, although they never win.

Running water. Maybe it’s the calming, zen-like effect, maybe it’s the sound that is reminiscent of ancient cat sphinxes, or maybe it’s because it drives my person crazy, but I love to flush the toilet just to hear that water run. Sometimes there is even a splash or two that bounces from under the lid. My person leaves the house during the week and I never tire of sitting on the toilet lid and flushing away the hours. This sport remained a juicy secret until just recently when I was caught in the act. By the way, I am left-pawed.

Being held like a baby. Might sound crazy, but it is the perfect way to garner all the attention possible. I feign that I am fascinated by something going on so people walk around with me, showing me how dinner is prepared or how gardening is done, all the while petting my beautiful head, rubbing my chin, and skritching between my adorable ears. Yum.

Playing ‘hand moving under the blanket.’ Great game and I never tire of it. It shows off my hunting prowess and gives me an opportunity to bite people without seeming crabby.

Let’s party.

Dislikes: Manicures. Hate ’em. I love my claws and just because humans are jealous of them, they try (and I underline the word ‘try’) to shorten mine. They often lose.

Answering machines and cell phones on the ‘speaker’ feature. Yechhhh. What an awful sound. It assails my peace and draws attention away from me. I slap ’em off the table, counter, bedstand, or desk when I hear them. They are ‘dirt’ to me and should be stopped immediately.

About Amiee: As a kitten I endured ‘life on the streets’ for far too long. But one day, I was fortunate enough to ‘go from the shelter to the condo’ in about 40 minutes and I have never looked back. That day I came home I was exactly half the weight I now carry gracefully, had a kinda long skinny neck, and a coat that didn’t shine brighter than a diamond tiara (which I have now, of course). My human has to travel often to support my lovely overhead so I get to see Kathy from Sit-A-Pet often. She’s great and is a very good sport about losing all the wonderful games we play.