Meet Steffi!

Name: Steffi, age 10

Breed: Domestic longhair (Maine Coon, with some other breeds thrown in)

Likes: Eating her little brother Cosmo’s non-diet food; getting lots of pets and rubs; napping in the sun, under the bed, on the bed, on the chair, etc.; sitting on the piano bench while her human sister practices; chirping to her guardians; licking Cosmo’s head.

Uh, he-LOOO?? Has anyone noticed my empty dish?

Dislikes: Her vet; an empty food bowl; diets; being picked up (especially when she’s relaxing).

About Steffi: Steffi Jo Gaps-Monyak has been a Sit-A-Pet client since kittenhood. (We’ve been extremely lucky to have had Pat take care of our felines for more than 14 years!) She was a shelter kitty, picked up from a cage at PetSmart when she charmed her soon-to-be guardians by pouncing on all the sleeping kittens and then licking her soon-to-be guardian’s finger while purring. It was the weekend of the U.S. Open, won by… Steffi Graf. Since our kitten was bouncing around like a tennis ball, the name stuck.

Steffi was a particularly endearing kitten, coming home to us saddled with infections, worms, fleas and still bearing stitches from her spaying — but there was no whining, only happy energy. She ingratiated herself to her then-big sister by giving her a thorough head-washing, something she now does to her new little brother, Cosmo.

Though very friendly and affectionate, Steffi can also be a preener. Her magnificent fluffy tail sashays through a room. (Her favorite compliment: “Loooook at that cat!”) She considers herself a full Maine Coon and has the signature long hair and chirpy meow to prove it. She’s not as, um, slim as she used to be, a topic of consternation between Steffi and her human companions, who would like her to play more instead of just sitting back and enjoying 1-year-old Cosmo’s leaping acrobatics.