Meet Widget!

Name: Widget (aka Widgie Dogger, the Widgemeister, Widgereeno)

Breed: My breed is a closely held secret because I’m so unique and exotic. Well, actually, nobody really knows! Probably Chihuahua and Pug and Schauzer, with a few others mixed in. I’m a one-of-a-kind dog!

Likes: Sitting in front of the TV and staring back at anyone watching it, snoozing under the bed, biscuit treats, belly rubs, wrestling, hanging with my cat pals Hotsy and Asta and visiting with my Sit-A-Pet pal Matt.


Dislikes: Other dogs! Bleccch! Everyone says I have “issues” with dogs, and why not? They always want to smell my private parts. How very gauche! I let them know in no uncertain terms that is truly unacceptable behavior.

About Widget: I found my owner through a rescue group outside Kansas City, Missouri, about seven years ago. We’ve lived in the District about three years now. I love it here! Everyone in the neighborhood stops to pet me because I’m so cute, and they all laugh at my walk – I’ll admit, my front end trots but my back end sashays. That’s probably because I had a herniated disc operation in August 2003. I’m pleased to report I’m doing great now!