Meet Cassie!

Name: Cassie (short for “Cassiopia”, which sounds a little Greek)

Breed: Domestic Shorthaired Calico

Likes: Belly rubs, chasing reflections, chasing a laser beam, trying to open the food dish before the timer opens it, watching the “Feathers for Felines” video, sitting in “mom’s” lap, running under the covers when you’re trying to make the bed, sleeping, looking sweet, and “talking”. (Her pet sitter says it’s very cute how she “talks” you up the stairs to her food closet, then “talks” you over to her food dish)

Look at me, it’s back to school!

Dislikes: Not getting fed often enough (she’s on a diet), loud thunder, not being allowed outside, the cat next door who is allowed outside, and high notes on the piano!

About Cassie: Cassie was born in Greece. She came to the US as a refugee from an Athens earthquake. It was in September of 1999 that she was rescued from the bottom of a hole created by a fallen tree. No owner was found and she was brought to the US by her mom’s cousin. Cassie was just 6 months old.