Name: Marshmallow aka “Marshy”

Breed: Beautiful Tuxedo Domestic Longhair

Likes: Any kind of food and any kind of affection

Mom, can you put that other cat up for adoption? Please?

Dislikes: Terrified of tin foil and a strong aversion to brown and white male tabbies

About Marshmallow: My mom came across me while I was incarcerated in Houston, TX at the Humane Society. A few months after my predecessor, Eli (also a Sit-A-Pet alum), passed she was in search of a new fluffy ball of love. She loved him so much and I reminded her of him except for my tuxedo features. There was a second panel interview where she brought my potential big brothers — her human children — who were 3 and 6 months at the time. I was just as gentle, affectionate and unfazed by their young human antics that a lot of kitties find off-putting. This was my ticket out, but it wasn’t an act… I was for real!

I’m approximately 12 now and my brothers and I are each a year apart (I’m the middle child). I like to think they’re two Graham crackers and I’m the fluffy yummy chocolate and marshmallow insides. Truth be told, I came with the name Marshmallow, but somehow it stuck. Life was easy then…

Fast forward to 2019 when my mom got a wild hair and adopted a bratty brown and white male tabby named Striker. I was furious at first but now I’ve learned to tolerate him somewhat, but I will never fully let go of my resentment. Never.

Just over a year ago, Cheeto Fingers came into the picture. She’s my sister from another mister. I like Cheeto Fingers. She’s a super chill bearded dragon and we share our love of the sun and since her palette is not as sophisticated as mine, there’s no inter-species food competition. She’s into the plant-based diet and I’m more into the processed stuff. Maybe that’s why her skin looks better. Who knows?

When my family leaves me, I go into survival mode, but miraculously some guardian Angel named Claire shows up and shows me love when I need it most. I don’t know where Sit-A-Pet came from, and I’m not a religious cat, but I feel like they’re the answer to my prayers when my humans choose to leave me.