Name: Nutmeg (aka “Meg,” “Meggie,” “Her Majesty”)

Breed: Scottish Fold – Tortoiseshell

Likes: Belly rubs, stretching out in the sunlight, sitting in a “Buddha” pose, attacking tissue paper, snuggling with her mom and dad on the couch, hunting crickets in the basement, playing with feather toys with her fabulous favorite sitter Debbie from Sit-A-Pet

Feather toys, sunshine, and window perch to watch the birds…ah, life is so good now.

Dislikes: Being picked up, nail trims

About Nutmeg: Nutmeg is a beautiful, sweet, happy three-year-old rescue cat. The rescue organization contacted me about adopting her because I had a Scottish Fold previously and understood the health issues of the breed. Like all Scottish Folds, Nutmeg has an adorable owl-like face and often sits in wacky positions. Unfortunately, the genetic mutation that causes those cute folded ears also causes abnormalities in the cartilage and bone which can lead to painful jumping and walking, abnormal posture, and lameness – especially as they age. While this breed has been growing in popularity, please know that Scottish Folds will develop some degree of arthritis and other joint diseases in their lifetime. If you are considering getting a Scottish Fold, they are wonderful, lovely cats, but please do research on their health issues and understand the commitment you likely will need to make to provide them vet care and treatments to help moderate pain in their older years. And please consider adopting a rescue Fold – there are many fabulous Scottish Folds like Nutmeg looking for their forever-home!