Name: Bob

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Likes: Lounging in small boxes. Giving disapproving looks from across the room. Pestering his ’sister’ Khasi. Settling into crinkly tissue paper. Being brushed.

When are they leaving?

Dislikes: Strangers. Visitors. Loud noises. Unexcused absences (note: all absences are unexcused).

About Bob: Bob and Khasi were found together in a landfill in King George County, and made their way here via King Street Cats in 2016. Like Khasi, Bob loves to spend time on the balcony, watching birds from the shady camouflage of the garden. Unlike Khasi, Bob has no time for treats or wet food, and will be insulted if they are offered. Instead, his preferred reward is to be followed on a meandering patrol around the house that concludes at his food bowl, being petted while he eats his kibble. Bob much prefers the fascinating stick/dowel end of toys to the undignified feathery thing on its string. He is developing from an emo teenager into an affectionate adult.