Name: Romeo

Breed: Delmarva Shorthair (Harlequin Tuxedo variety)

Likes: Petting, his people, his brother, his fishing pole toy, squirrel surveillance, and FOOD — but only a certain flavor of a certain brand.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Let’s eat.

Dislikes: The smoke alarm, nail clipping day, the loud leaf blower that comes around every week to clean our patio, and when you let 5 pm go by without serving dinner.

About Romeo: Romeo the Delmarva Shorthair, along with his twin brother Brodie, came into my life 2 years ago. The house at the time was bereft of feline energy: My cute, funny little love Darla had gone on her way to the rainbow bridge, and my daughter’s two cats had migrated with their mom to the West Coast. It was time to adopt! And when Last Chance Animal Rescue handed me a 4-month-old kitten who immediately cuddled up into my collar, I knew I had found my Romeo. He and his twin had been together their whole lives, and since two cats suited me just fine, my home became theirs.

Romeo and Brodie have grown into big, strong, lively boys who LOVE being petted. Romeo still cuddles up close, even though he now weighs 15 pounds. And my partner has spoiled the cats into this routine: Whenever they encounter a trusted person (including our fantastic Sit-A-Pet sitter Ann!) both cats literally flop at your feet and expect you to stop right there and lavish them with affection. Romeo especially luxuriates in what Ann calls “beauty parlor,” his fur-brushing routine.

An unusual thing about these cats is that despite their love for contact and petting, they don’t really purr. They make a kind of groaning sound, and Romeo will occasionally manage a brief motor rumble, but it seems their throats don’t function quite like those of other felines in this regard. No matter — Romeo and Brodie are happy cats who love their people, and they show it in their own adorable ways, and we love them right back.