Name: Chester

Breed: Cheetah (aka grey mackerel tabby)

Likes: Bonito flakes!! “Dry brush” after breakfast; treats anytime; paw massages; my moms; tabby tussling with my sister Armstrong; exploring the hallway of my building.

Bonito flakes make ANYTHING taste good!

Dislikes: The cat carrier (which normally means the Vet!); the Dyson vacuum (very scary); being disrupted when I’m lounging or resting; when my mom goes out of town (but I do like when Pilar or Bella from Sit-a-Pet takes care of me).

About Chester: I was trying to cross New York Avenue, NW, in Washington DC, when I was about 4 weeks old – somehow I got separated from my cat mom and found myself surrounded by cars! My human mom saw me and at first thought I was a rat (!!!) but soon realized that I was the cutest little cat she’d seen and I became part of the family.  I have 2 sisters, Armstrong who is a dilute tabby and is kind of chubby, and Roxanne a Torti, who is shy but very glamorous.  Armstrong is the boss of the house, even though I am the man of the household – did I mention that she’s a bit chubby? Even so, I love her and Roxanne.  My moms call me Cheddar for some reason, but I don’t mind since they love me and I love them.  I would like to thank Sit-a-Pet for naming me pet of the month, but I believe this was a real no-brainer since I really am a very special and sweet cat!