Name: Gary “B.B.”

Breed: Pug

Likes: Relaxing thisclose to his people, the Black Keys, Alaskan salmon oil

Dislikes: exercise, solitude

I could eat.

About B.B.: Here is a 14-year-old Pug with the physique and speed of a Manatee and a powerful devotion to his people. He is also bonded to Squanto, a Maine Coon who dwarfs him and knows how to pry open the treat jar with his claws. B.B. also loves Michael, an even-bigger Maine Coon who washes his paws in the toilet after every single trip to litterbox.

B.B. came into our lives as a puppy so he could grow up together with then-toddler Teddy. B.B.’s a pensive, tender fellow who’s prone to worry when alone. Having Jim from Sit-a-Pet come and play with him when his people simply must leave has been so reassuring that B.B. hardly realizes that his regulars have left for the airport. This is especially important after the recent passing of our other pug Reuben, B.B.’s best friend and mentor. Sit-a-Pet has been there for us for 17 years in happy times and sad, and B.B. is the better for it. Thanks, Sit-a-Pet!