Meet Bella!

Name: Bella

Breed: Tabby/American Shorthair

Likes: Cramming herself into everything: boxes, bags, visitor’s purses. Sliding across duvet covers and clean sheets. Singing the song of her people all night long while we are trying to sleep.

I’m so pleased with the new addition to my staff!” (when she met her new favorite pet sitter, James)

Dislikes: Moving from the rug right in the middle of the kitchen floor when we are trying to cook.

About Bella: Bella is a wonderful combo of smart cookie and kitten cuddliness. It only takes one time to teach her something new (that is, if she wants to be taught). When we lost her brother Harry to cancer last winter, we were worried that she’d be lonely, but instead she’s become a total diva now that she’s the center of attention. We’re glad she’s enjoying her senior years!