Meet Ernie!

Name: Ernie

Breed: Domestic short hair tabby

Likes: Napping on a chair on the patio, napping on a chair in the living room, napping on a chair in the den… you get the idea.

More treats, please.

Dislikes: Riding in a vehicle

About Ernie: Ernie came into our household in August, 2000 having won our hearts at a Petsmart adoption event – where we also adopted a Tuxedo cat we named Bert. Ernie immediately set about organizing our household around mealtimes – his and ours. After we fenced in our yard, Ernie began to expand his (and our) culinary horizons with the addition of chipmunk, vole and mouse sushi. He is always bewildered when his humans seem to prefer pasta.

Ernie is a stay-at-home kinda guy and his friends at Sit-A-Pet have made it possible for him to stay comfortably at home and avoid accompanying us on our regular trips to see family. He’s always happy to see Denise, although he finds her too oddly (in his mind) adverse to chipmunk.