Meet Oliver!

Name: Oliver

Breed: American Eskimo

Likes: Baby carrots, ice cubes, tummy rubs, and cuddles.

Pet me, pet me, pet me….yay,

Dislikes: Getting his paws wet.

About Oliver: Our meeting with Oliver was completely by chance. After searching for months to find a dog that was a good fit for our family, we went to the shelter again to only find small horse sized dogs. Way too large for our DC townhouse. But as we were leaving we were flagged down to meet the fluffiest, energetic dog ever — who had just been dropped off at the shelter. While we had always been poodle people, no shedding, we decided to take a chance on this extremely fluffy puppy. It was the best decision we made. He has been in our lives now for 10 years, still has the look and energy of the puppy we met all those years ago.