Meet Leopold and Figaro!

Name: Leopold and Figaro (aka The Bookends)

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat

Likes: We love to stop, drop and roll at your feet for a belly rub and massage. Our favorite time of day is bed time, when we race up the steps for our “snack treats”. Then it’s play time with our feather string and bell ball toys. We love each other so much. Often times we curl up together and preen each other. We also love to play tag throughout the house at all hours of the day and night!

In unison: “He/She did it!”

Dislikes: The machine that cleans the rugs, a dirty litter box, the doorbell, strange dogs, and empty treat jar. We miss you when you’re gone. We wait for you by the front door. When youre in the backyard we stare out the door and cry.

About Leopold and Figaro: Brother and Sister, Leopold and Figaro, were born on October 1st 2011 in North Carolina. In December, they were surrendered by their owner and a rescue shelter saved them from being put down. We found them on and drove 7 hours to meet them. We immediately fell in love and knew they were our new babies! They are such a joy in our lives; they love people and each other so much.