Meet Lucy!

Name: Lucy – also called Lucy Goosey, Lucy J Dog and when she is in trouble- Lucinda!

Breed: Mixed lab

Likes: I love FOOD, especially biscuits and treats. I have gotten very good at retrieving treats from the Kong. I also love to nap because I am pretty old. I like my walks and to sniff just about everything along the path. I like to be scratched behind the ears. I love friendly guests who come to visit. I especially love Maria from Sit a Pet because she spends lots of time with me and gives me lots of treats.

When’s dinner?

Dislikes: I don’t like vacuum cleaners or thunderstorms. I also do not like to take pills. I am most unhappy when my owners go on vacation. I start getting anxious when I see the suitcases being packed. I also do not like to get wet or to have baths.

About Lucy: Lucy is 15 year old!! She was adopted from the SPCA of Northern Virginia when she was a puppy. She gets lots of attention because her human brother was in college when she was adopted. Lucy has had two knee replacements but that hasn’t kept her from loving her walks. Most days she spends taking naps. Lucy has been a great companion. We have been grateful for all her years with us.