Meet Fawna!

Name: Fawna. She is also called Bumpy, Jumpy, Gypsy, Chi-Chi, Gypsy Fox and Fawna Myani the Gypsy Fox

Breed: We were told she is a Chihuahua Spitz mix. I think she descends from a tiny ancient Egyptian hunting dog used to hunt tiny tigers prevalent at that time. She is 18 months old.

Likes: Fawna loves to run. She chases everything that moves across the yard and jumps three feet in the air after birds and squirrels in the trees. With other dogs she runs in circles at an amazing speed. The centrifugal forces are considerable. It’s hysterical.

I may be part Chihuahua but I’m all dog!

Dislikes: Fawna doesn’t like to get wet. She hops on rocks to cross a creek and is miserable in the rain. I think it’s because she has big eyes and no eyebrows. She probably needs a rain hat.

About Fawna: She has the face of a fawn and is slavishly affectionate. She was adopted from the Homeward Trails shelter in Arlington (nice folks). She originally came from a high kill shelter in West Virginia. When we got her she had just been spayed after her first litter so she’s been around the block (how bout you Fawna… ya wanna?).

Don’t judge Fawna because she’s cute. She’s not just a pretty face with a killer body. Fawna is a 10 pound dog with an immense heart. She’s smart and athletic and lives to please people.

Why does Fawna deserve to be Sit-A-Pet of the month? Because any creature with this much spirit, and smarts, that provides this much joy to everyone she meets deserves her day in the sun. Thank you Sit-A-Pet selection committee for this great honor.