Meet Kent & Duncan!

Name: Kent & Duncan, aka “the menaces”

Breed: Domestic shorthairs

Likes: Duncan likes scaling tall buildings in a single bound (or neighbor’s roofs in two or three shorter bounds). It’d be easier if he wore a cape because then his owner wouldn’t have to go get him Again limited to the house, he likes sitting on top of tall cabinets from which he can see every room on the first floor, dancing on top of his owner’s husband, and beating up the automatic pet-feeder until it surrenders. Kent, on the other hand, likes lying upside-down, hiding under tables even if the table is glass and carrying a large, fuzzy, red & yellow mouse (while making moaning sounds) to where ever his owner happens to be.

Get the camera out of our faces; we’re trying to get some sleep here.

Dislikes: Kent hates the inhalers he has to take for his asthma and cannot understand why his owner insists on torturing him every night before bed. Duncan likes pretty much everything except the vacuum cleaner (which causes him to hide behind the couch).

About Kent & Duncan: Kent & Duncan are brothers who were adopted from a bike store on Kent Island a refuge from the barn they’d been living under with their littermates. Much to the surprise of the vets and their owner, they turned into 16 lb. monsters, but they are sweet-natured, velvety sports fans who are happy to spend their days sleeping and wrestling and spend their evenings watching baseball, football and college basketball.