Meet Nero!

Name: Nero, age 9

Breed: Great Dane

Likes: Riding in the “Dog-Wagon”; food-time and treats; following my owner around and not giving her space to move; my acupuncture treatments with Dr. Alterman; my buddy, Zeus (the cat), always laying next to me; and of course, my Sit-A-Pet care!

Just when I get situated, you move again!

Dislikes: Staying home when Mom goes on errands; constantly hearing “move” when I block the way; letting my female Dane companion, Aires, go first.

About Nero: Nero came to me when he was 5 years old from the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, after his owner turned him into a shelter in New Jersey with his feet and ears badly infected and many skin problems. I found out later he had spinal disc problems. He was only able to run a few steps before falling, his head hung down and he couldn’t raise it, and he was unable to jump in the station wagon. Now, with the aid of acupuncture and supplements, he has been able to live a normal, happy life.

Nero’s a very protective guy on the leash, but a big baby at home. Can’t get enough love and enjoys his companion, Aires (a black female Dane who is also a rescue). The three young cats I have (Star, Vega and Zeus) adore him and are constantly washing his face and ears.