Meet Felix!

Name: Felix

Breed: Feral Tabby

Likes: Living securely indoors; dining on a regular basis in a climate controlled environment; sleeping on a human chest.

Hunting and foraging is way overrated

Dislikes: Ceiling fans (“They remind me of predators circling above me”); Doors opening to the outside (“Life on the inside is great…don’t make me go out and hunt for my own food again!”); Grumpy older cats (“Why doesn’t Oscar want to play?”)

About Felix: Felix is a native of the Shenandoah Forest in Luray, VA. He was part of a group of cats we were feeding on weekends at our mountain house. One of his cousins became more and more friendly with us. Unfortunately, he was gravely injured by gunshot, so we rescued him and brought him in. Having observed this, Felix started his campaign. He took up residence under the deck of the house and became incredibly affectionate. With winter setting in, we couldn’t let him stay out in the cold, though he somehow managed to do this several winters on his own. We took him in and he hasn’t looked back. The one catch is that Felix thinks he has such a good deal, he wants the rest of his cousins on the mountain (and there seems to be an endless number of them) to know as well. So we have ended up feeding quite a few of them each weekend while he talks to them through the window-telling them how good it is on the inside and urging them to get over their skittishness with humans. Felix’s only frustration is that our older cat Oscar is not that eager to play, but they’ve worked things out and we often catch them curled up together…life is good.